Falling out of clothing

    • It happened to me once in swimming hall. My bathing shorts were too short and when i sat down, you could see my penis through the legs. I didn't notice. People around me didn't seem different. A friend told me later and i bought new shorts.
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    • My bikini bottom came off ( i´m in topless and flat ). I think it happened because the bottom of my bikini was a little wide and when I came out of the wave (which was quite strong and big where I was) I saw that I was without the bottom I was 12, so my my vagina is not much different from a younger girl yet because I don't have hair there yet.
      The pool was full of people because when and the waves everyone goes to the pool and of course everyone saw me naked and I had to be naked in the pool after the end of the waves because my bikini just disappeared (still I'm wondering where he stayed or who he was with him) in the middle of the pool and walk like that to the towel, and get naked the rest of the day in waterpar kand go like this to the rest of the slides and pools . I was only that bikini over there, and I just had to put on my summer white straps dress to go to house (had no underwear). I am not ashamed of my body