Choosing your first sex toy

    • Choosing your first sex toy

      This is a topic that I haven’t seen discussed on the forum with much seriousness, but that I think is fairly important (at least it was for me when I was younger). There are so many reasons that I feel its important; for me it helped quell any reckless sexual desires, provided me an effective outlet for sexual stress, and of course felt really really good lol. I know for many its tough to get your hands on this type of stuff before you’re 18. I’m lucky that my older sister is 4 years older than me, so when I talked to her about it, she purchased a vibe for me when I was 15, which was life changing for me. Although, thinking back, I really do believe that if I had a candid discussion with my mom about it, and explained some of the reason why, she may have been willing to purchase one for me then as well.

      So, for starters, what to choose? There is such a massive array of options it can be difficult to navigate.For me, my first was this:

      Super basic, not too big, and a fair start… but ultimately not good enough. To that, I’ll say this: size and girth matter! Of course this is a very individual thing, but for me the little vibrator that could just wasn’t enough. For most girls (I know at least for me) you have a good idea where to start after experimenting with hair brash handles, electric toothbrushes, select produce items lol. Based on those experiences you’ll have an idea of what feels good (length/girth wise). For me, my sisters first purchase was followed by this one (which is still one of my favorites):

      Its basic, but definitely still gets the job done for sure.Since turning 18 my collection has exploded a bit.There are so many options with varying vibration options, twisting pearls, thrusting, clit stimulation, g-spot stimulation, even toys that will suck your clit lol.

      First and foremost this is all about YOU! Don’t feel rushed to settle on the first toy you see. Sure, there are some well-known classics like the rabbit vibrator seen in Sex and The City, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Think about what excites you the most and where you feel that in your body. Don’t be afraid to explore those feelings and urges. Trust me, with all the options out there, there is something out there that will make you sing.

      My last little chunk of advice, Consult Sex Toy Bloggers, I CANNOT stress this enough! There are plenty of well-informed folks out there who review sex toys so that you can make informed decisions. When I was looking for a new insertable toy, I became overwhelmed by how many options were out there. After searching countless blogs, I found that I resonated the most with Miss Ruby Reviews. Miss Ruby is an experienced sex toy reviewer whose reviews are in-depth and honest — perfect for first timers! She is also sex-positive, non-judgmental, and keen to issues surrounding human sexuality. I encourage you to check her out! All bloggers have their own style and flair, so scope out the ones you vibe with lol.