Avoid this bad habit, if you want to live healthy.

    • Avoid this bad habit, if you want to live healthy.

      1. Do not blow food that is still hot when going to eat. By blowing food, there will be a possibility that bad bacteria in the mouth will move to food. In addition, the meeting of water vapor with CO2 will form carbonic acid compounds that are not good for health. It is also not recommended in Islamic teachings.

      2. Eat on time and with the right portion. One of the most common people is in a day to eat should be 3 times. But that's not true. There is no limit to eating in one day. What's wrong is eating beyond one's capacity. And what is meant by eating in time is eating when the stomach is not full (full). In Islam there are also suggestions like that. "Eat before you are hungry and stop before you are full". It could mean that we have to stop eating before we feel full.

      3. Reduce consumption of sugar. Sugar is one of the most widely marketed sources of disease. It's as dangerous as cigarettes, but sugar is more freely marketed without warning of the danger of sugar from the government.

      4. Reduce consumption of chemical drugs. Most people will immediately look for medicine when the body feels a little unwell. Whether it's medicine stalls or drugs that are only sold in pharmacies. It would be better if we try to relieve pain by traditional means either massage, or by taking herbal medicine. Because too often consume drugs that contain chemicals, it will make the body actually feel addicted to the drug.
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