The Most Hits Wedding Dress Style in 2020

    • The Most Hits Wedding Dress Style in 2020

      The wedding dress will change every year. Why is that? Because the model must follow the latest trends. As a reference to 2020 wedding dress, it doesn't hurt to look around for predictions of bridal fashion trends.

      1. Clever Corsetry.

      This bridal fashion design comes with the concept of underwear as an outerwear. But made not too sexy, combining corset with sheer tulle, with lace gossamer laces, and many piles of layering alias that gives the impression of a royal look.

      2. Va-Va Volume.

      This wedding dress is the application of volume on many sides, whether in the arms, collars, or with layers of ruffles. The bigger the better, giving the impression of a typical glamor of the '80s. Suitable for brides who are not afraid to be different and take risks in style. But remember, this one model can make the owner of a tiny body 'sink'. So make sure to really fit the right proportion.

      3. Feathery Frocks.

      The photo above is a ballgown full of feathers, shrug shoulder shades, to a chic mini dress. The lightweight feathers feather accent adds to the glamorous and feminine impression that is usually wanted to be displayed during a ceremonial, rehearsal dinner or after-party event.

      4. Romantic Rebel.

      The trend of the more modern and rebel Bohemian wedding dress version. Beautiful concept without hard effort is the key to the trend of this wedding dress. Sheer knit to a separate suit as issued by fashion houses Danielle Frankel and Dior.
    • I don't think we should necessarily follow fashion trends. They keep changing, anyway! :lol:
      (I suspect it's something started by people who sell clothes, so that we have to keep buying new clothes every year! We're on to them!!) 8o

      I think we should wear what we like (and not be a slave to fashion).

      As far as wedding dresses are concerned, sometimes we have to pick out something that's in our budget - rather than what's in style that year. ;(