• Introduction

      You can call me by any part or combination of my username. I'm 13, a girl.
      There is nothing much more to say about me...I am second least tall in class and good in math. My relationship with my classmates has been recently improving but mostly outside of class. I am hype, shy then hype and so on. I try not to be hype here but normal so I avoid emoticons. I write long posts so I spend a lot of time making them shorter so if something doesn't seem clear you can ask.

      I don't know what to do here or on forums in general...I am interested in Teen Sexuality section but I only know a little bit about oral.
      I am a weirdo :P
    • Hi, Hitoha Marui. We're often different in different situations and sometimes we're just either having a good day or a bad day (which can effect our moods/actions). You can be hype here, if you'd like. I love emoticons and use them regularly. :D (Long posts are okay, too. I'm forever trying to shorten my tweets so it's nice to have a place where we can say as much as we'd like.)

      This is a place where you can ask questions or talk about anything you'd like. Welcome! :boogie:
      Free from:
      ~~ Happy Day. ~~ :hugs: