Is it too small?

    • Is it too small?

      Hey I just turned fifteen a few days ago. I am concerned/not sure about my dick size... It's 6.2in length and 5.1in girth... How is that? I also have a small birthmark (1/4in diameter) on my penis...? :/ Is that bad/do girls find this disturbing ? (it's on the shaft of the penis; I am uncut.)

      Please hold back the sarcastic answers; they annoy me...
      Chris ; edgy but not fan of veggies
    • Without any sarcasm and seriously: Your dick is already above average (avg: 5.2 inch - 5.7 inch, depending on study). So no need to be concerned. Your girth is about average, so also completely fine.

      Average refer to grown men by the way and for others who read this: even if your penis is under an average, it's fine.

      I'm not a girl, but i don't see any problem in having a birthmark anywhere on your body.
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