someone explain hows my body .. honestly

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      FKKGirl wrote:

      Are you a guy or a girl? Either way at 26, I'd think you would know by now. But like Pauline said you should be comfortable in your own skin.
      Sometimes it’s just hard to think of yourself positively, especially with your body. So you would want responses of different states of opinions that aren’t yours. So it is hard to know at any age.
      What I would say is that women are all different shapes and sizes. and as you grow up your body will form to what it is, and it’s important to stay healthy but also do that as much as you are able physically & mentally. So don’t push yourself. Nobody is perfect and nobody should actually base their beliefs on other people’s opinions or their own negative voices. I know how hard it is to love yourself but please know that whatever you look like, you will always be beautiful, no matter what that fake negative voice says in the back of your mind. You are you, there is only one of you, no one is exactly like you. You can take that as you want. You can be and do anything you want including looking like anything YOU want or your body wants.