Boob Sag

    • My girlfriend told me she's insecure with not the size of her boobs but the way they look because they sag too much but I really don't think it's anything more just a natural amount. I've been telling her that I love her boobs and she shouldn't feel like that but she keeps trying to find ways to make them more perky. I've decided to take her side because she says her insecurity isn't about how I view them but her own opinion.

      Does anyone know anything you can wear or methods to reduce sag or make boobs perkier?
    • As far as i know they only thing that works is to wear supportive bras. They can't revert sagging but they can slow down any further drag. I hope she accepts that part of her body at some point. Good thing you are on her side and tell her you like her.
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    • I have heard that going to the gym and building up her pecs might be able to help depending on her boob size and how much they sag. I have also heard the opposite to the above in that wearing a bra actually can contribute to boobs sagging quicker and more.
      Unfortunately in the end I don't believe all that much can help except for surgery to reduce sag significantly. By no means am I recommending nor even suggesting that path but more as a comment to say that I hope she may be able to come to terms with how her boob's look naturally and trust that you or any other partners she may have are as supportive of her as you are and that she comes to see them as you do.
    • Bras causing more sag is an old myth that's still around unfortunately. The skin and the breast tissue that determine how much they sag can not be trained like muscles. This now is a very easy metaphor: imagine a rubber band. The more and/or harder you pull, the more loose it becomes. That's why a bra at least slows the sagging down.
      curious open-minded short but not so short guy from Germany. open for conversations/PMs, all topics, all ages, all genders
    • oh i think she's been trying to do pec stimulating exercises at home that would explain that she must've read it online. I think it all started because of this conversation she had with her friends where they made a hypothesis that bigger boobs sag more than smaller boobs but then later in gym, she and one of her classmates who both have bigger boobs took their bras off to shower and her classmates were apparently like really upright and perky and had no sag but were the same size as hers so she felt really insecure and thought she was unnaturally having more sag. But I kept explaining that that's just one friend doesn't mean everyone has those boobs and even if they do, you are you and it doesn't matter whether there is sag or not you gotta embrace them and be proud of them.