What are the reasons why you stayed alive?

    • What are the reasons why you stayed alive?

      Depression and suicide are difficult things to deal with. Especially when suicide is either taking a part of our life or just the thought of it. Yet, as we have troubles finding the thing or things to make us happy, sometimes you just need a reminder of what life really has for you and what you're going through is just temporary and it will cure itself within time.

      So for everyone who has tackled this journey, what are the things you stayed alive for?

      I'll go first:

      Getting my own apartment
      Having the opportunity to having my very own book published
      Experiencing life outside of an abusive household
      My family and friends that I got now
      "As in heaven as on Earth, we've been dead since our birth" -Hollywood Undead
    • I think for me is:
      Mostly how empathetic I am and how it would affect others
      Having my dream wedding and having children and my family grow
      Travelling the world & seeing beautiful landscapes
      Going to concerts & festivals
      Seeing if one day I’ll become famous haha
      Moving to Brighton or any seaside town
      Actually being able to go to college and Uni one day and having less social anxiety
      Having good friends in the future