heya :0

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      I’m larissa (or rissa, lari, lari the lamb(friendnickmamelmao), ginnie(middlenamenicknamelmao) or hey u)

      hi i’m female & i turn 15 in January woop
      um i spend most of my time at home and have to take anti depressants and shit so i make myself useful and do cross-stitching n drawing n shiz but let’s be real i’m mostly watching friends or Shane Dawson.
      One thing to know about me is that i LOVE music. music is fucking amazing like oh my god. Anyways I’m dead inside but also obbsessed w Kendall Jenner for some reason:)

      yay okay hi
      also if any one needs to talk to someone privately I’m always here you can dm me on insta:@larissa.igxo and I’ll always respond I promise <3 it’s hard to reach out but it’s really the best thing for you to do to feel like you’re a person not alone right now and I hope I can help in anyway or if you just want to have a nice chat I’m here!

      okay bye bye :sleeping: xx