Cleavage - boys and girls

    • Fun1898 wrote:

      ConstancaG wrote:

      - What is your size? flat
      - Do you wear clothing that shows a lot of cleavage? Yes
      - Why or why not? I dont care show my skin
      - Do you care if guys look? I don´t care..
      just curious, how can you show cleavage if your flat chested?
      I would assume that they wear clothes that show a decent amount of skin around their chest so if they had cleavage they would be showing alot of it.

      Guy here. I tend to people watch of all ages and would have to say that it depends on each person. I know that there has been many girl whom I wish were showing more due do how they looked in what they were wearing while other less. I have also noticed that depending on if they are wearing a bra sometimes they will be showing less skin but you can see alot more shape. I guess if I had to choose I would say just a tasteful amount of cleavage showing no matter the chest size bit definitely braless especially for smaller chests(as I prefer smaller chests in general).