Need advice from guys that are extroverts!

    • Need advice from guys that are extroverts!

      I need some advice- wanna know if this guy likes me. We've become great friends since he started coming to my church. We laugh a lot and joke about stuff- we are both goofballs. But he doesn't just hang out with me all the time... He's a big extrovert, and he will go up to everybody at youth group to talk all the time. We go out in groups a lot at my church, and we have fun- lots of inside humor together. He has offered me his jacket about 4 times when he knew I was cold. Over thanksgiving, he texted me from his camping trip and said that he was thankful for me, but that he wanted to share more in person next time he saw me. The next week when I saw him, he said that I make him happy! But since then he hasn't indicated much more of an interest in dating me. He usually doens't initiate texting so that kinda worries me. But I'm so confused! I don't want to tell him i like him and then ruin the friendship! My mom thinks he is scared and insecure about letting on his feelings. What do you think?
    • Guys have to be careful these days that we don't come across as "creepers" and all that. Have you told him that you like him back? He may be waiting for you to do so. Ask him what kind of food he likes, then tell him you like it too. He may ask you out then to a restaurant. Tell him you really want to see that new movie and maybe he will ask you to that. I'm sure you can think of other possibilities. I wish you both happiness!