Whats your Worst injurys ???

    • Whats your Worst injurys ???

      Not sure if this is the right place for this so whatever lol

      Me and my friends where talking about this today because a friend of mine recently broke her wrist and we started talking about who's and the worst injury's and who's had the most serious injury's.

      Turns out I've had the most and worst injury's lol so I thought it would be cool to ask every one here to talk about there worst injury's

      so I've broken 2 ribs and cracked 3 ribs over different incidents I've broken 2 toes a finger and my collarbone I've had loads of sprains, 2 minor concussions one really serious head injury ive dislocated one of my knees both shoulders and my elbow once I think that's it for serious injury's lol

      I've had lost of bump and bruises ovbs lol I was in a bad car accident when I was little I've been doing gymnastics and martial arts since I could walk as well as ice skating and dancing so that's how I've had so many injures I'm not a abuse victim or anything don't worry my dad actually got question my child protective services when I was little because the doctors wanted to make sure I wasn't being abused that was really scary at the time but now we laughed about it now. Xxx

      So what's you guys worst injury's ???
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