I want to go to a school where the most powerful students are the most nice!

    • I want to go to a school where the most powerful students are the most nice!

      I want to go to school were all the good looking powerful students are adherents of an idealistic liberal worldview!

      I heard 50 percent of Muslim kids are bullied in America. The bullies are probably rich.

      We must make the world a secular paradise! Instead of bullying them American teens should be nicer to them and invite them into their homes without the knowledge of their parents and let them experience video games like Gears of War, pornography, Western pop music!

      That is how you spread American culture!

      I think if we are meaner to these people then they will move inward to find comfort in their culture. If we are open and nice then they will become more open and free! After some time they will drop their conservative cultural traditions!
    • This can only work if he having an open mind and show acceptance works both ways. That is, it is not sufficient to "invite" others. You also need to "visit" them. That is, try to learn more about them and their cultures.

      People of all origins (Americans included) need to understand their culture is not "the best"; instead, everybody needs to understand that there is no absolute best.

      And most important, you need to understand one thing, that a lot of Americans don't seem to get: foreigners do not want to have American culture spread. They do want to keep their own culture, and just want more openness and talk between Americans and the rest of the world.

      Living in Western Europe, I for sure don't want at all my own culture to be replaced by the American one. TBH, the simple idea of "spreading culture" sounds, from my side, very colonialist, just like Europeans did during 16th-20th centuries. I don't see it a nice idea.

      Now, if you talk about values, like 'freedom', 'democracy' or 'decent living for all', then yeah, that's worth spreading.