The racism on here is disgusting! They should be banned!

    • The racism on here is disgusting! They should be banned!

      I hope something like this would be illegal.…in-the-military/?pageNo=1

      In my eyes a military force that is not representative of the population is a threat to democracy and freedom!

      If this is commonplace then I am in favor of disbanding or severely cutting the US Marines in favor of a larger and inclusive Air Force!

      We will then have a military branch comprised only of our most incredible people and our most advanced aircraft!

      We should sacrifice the Marines for several of these!
    • What makes you believe the Marines are more racist than the Air Force?
      And you cannot win wars using aircrafts alone. Tanks, artillery, infantry, boats and submarines all have an equally important part to play. No war was ever won with bombers and fighters alone.

      And finally, maybe that there is racism in the military forces precisely because there is racism in the society? I mean, maybe that's the real problem: that an army with strong racist tendencies is representative of a society with itself such tendencies?
    • I didn't read any racist posts in the last months on here, so your topic should be changed. Other then that: I have the same opinion as dolphinsword again :D

      It would be great if mankind could do without any military but unfortunately some don't like peace... but until then you not only need forces in the air but also on land and on/in water.
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    • This Forum isn't a virtually boot camp, it's simply a forum for teens or ... as it's offen mentioned, too for those who still believe being teen. Military in general isn't a proper thing for a teen forum. Until, e.g., the need for the general existence of military forces is questioned, simply as a proper discussion of a thread's topic.