Girls, you ever beat up a guy?

    • Harassment is a real problem, isn't it!

      I wouldn't recommend beating him up because you'll get into trouble - and he's not worth it. (He's possibly bigger and has upper body strength and can use it against you. You'll get hurt and, again, he's not worth it.)

      If your friend has a cell phone, maybe she could record his behavior (while standing a little farther away). Then report him to the Counselor's Office, the principal, etc. If he denies it, you can show the video your friend has.

      An alternative might be to get a nice big student who plays football or lifts weights and ask him to be your "bodyguard". You could offer to bake him cookies, help him with his homework, etc. in exchange for his services. :D
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      Erin3456 wrote:

      This guy at my school is pretty annoying and always picks on me. A friend of mine said if he bothers me again I should beat him up, but I've never done that before. Have you ever beaten up a guy? If so, what did you do and what happened? Any tips??
      if you really want to punish a boy the best way to do it is hit him where it hurts the most which is in the nuts and hard. if a boy keeps picking on you and you knee/hit him in the nuts he would learn a painful lesson. i am mostly always well behaved with girls but one time i pissed off a girl and she kneed me in the balls. i never upset her again after that and show respect better after learning a lesson.