I FINALLY told him.

    • I FINALLY told him.

      i told the guy i like at work (yes the one ive posted about 10 threads about) that i like him.

      well his answer was that he only likes me as a friend. See last night we worked together we were getting pretty friendly i guess, we were talking alot and he said working at his station wasnt the same without me, because i had to work at another station, and this girl told me after he left to go home after his shift, that he told her that he likes me, but reckons im too old for him. she said he didnt know if i liked him back. :eek:

      when my shift ended, i told him by text message about what he said to the girl, and she was lying. BIG TIME. she said that we made a good couple, and then he said "shes a good mate and she deserves someone older than me"
      He didnt say anything about liking me. Then he was saying we should just drop this topic.

      so i just made myself look like a complete LOSER. i was getting really angry at him, we had this long complicated big text message conversation. he was saying all this stuff about its not my fault, because he just got out of a bad relationship and he doesnt want to get dumped again. then he said "you're an amazing girl, your so pretty and nice and youre a awesome mate, and i dont know where my head is right now."

      i respect that hes getting over a girl, i told him i didnt want to be his girlfriend, i just thought he liked me back, but i thought i was wrong. i think now things are really messed up and that in time things will sort itself out. im going to be patient, but i thought id just tell you guys to stop telling me to tell him, because i did! we're working again together sunday night. im guessing things are going to go back to normal again. im just going to be patient until we can talk that conversation again once more.

      now i feel so much better.

      thank you everyone for all your help and advice.
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