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      there is no better uncle mi hermano right here ^
      lol he's the greatest bro ever
      YOUR FAMILY IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS <3 :love: -what is "mi" and "hermano: and "bro" ^^
      woah you and your brother are atually kinda good looking maybe... your daughter is kinda sorta cute too

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      I wouldn't really want to tbh.
      we wouldn't want you getting jealous and bitching nonstop now would we
      and why exactly would I be jealous of her?
      Good Q: why are you?
      God get over yourself, I'm not jealous of you.
    • uuggghhhhhhh here's why i post pics of my kids.
      I am super-proud of my kids and love to plaster my school blog and social media with pictures of them, mostly just Vio, i feel weird taking picture's of my daughter. Regardless. Before I explain, I want to make it very clear that this is a personal decision that I have made for my family. We each have our own personal policy on posting pictures of our kids, don't judge because my policy doesn't reflect yours(i'm not saying you personally are judging, Gio). But i have had a few people shit down my throat because i post pictures of my kids.

      As parents we each make our decisions about posting about their child/children online, here's just an explanation of my personal policy on this, bc i know me just saying "i'm proud of em and i like showing them off" is a stupid reason and gives no clarification.

      ok so to me, though I have the responsibility and honor of raising my tiny humans, i get i don’t “own” them as they are individual human beings who will one day be much more in life than just my adorable babies. while I get to make some really important life decisions for them, like what I feed em or how they are taught about life and morality, I've also decided the decision of how and what their online presence would look like to them. "but do you even think before you post pics of your kids B?" ofc i do. i'm careful and i'm not an idiot, but i'm also not a very private person, while I share a lot on my school blogs and this site and all my other daddy clubs in hopes of um... just connecting with other fathers and helping other families( @Muerte @Gabi J ) "but can't you do that privately and not publicly" -where the whole internet can see- yes. but i choose not to and i've told you why(ok? clarified that bit), now i fully "heartfelt-edly" get your concern. -yes I’d be pretty upset if someone was sharing pictures of my tiny humans, without my permission. i'd be pretty upset if people used my kids pictures as, i dunno, whatever, but they're just pictures. YES pictures of my kids but, they're pictures lol there's literally nothing people can do with them that can in any way affect my kids lol, SIMPLY won't allow it. not that there will be anything to allow or disallow anyway. people. pictures.

      there's also the whole "I want to consider the fact that my children may value online anonymity" but can't since i've posted pics of them as children. yes they fucken still can. all i can say about that is, think about how they can't and there's a very piss easy way as to how they can bc each reason as to why they can't is so irrelevant and vapid that it's practically non-existent. they'll be teens by then anyway, and lol being fckn teens they won't give 2 shits about it :lol: (people have posted pics of me all over the show, i ain't phased but that's not important) and if they do, then it's just literally an issue between me and my kids that i can sort out -no longer being an issue between pictures and internet.

      i get the whole "it can't be undone" what with the "whole internet" crap again and re: the image scrapper bots, but teenhut and where i post pictures of my kids aren't .... aren't popular or don't get that sort of shit anyway, otherwise you can search up "violanthe" on google images and find pics of him from here and my blog, but no. TH and my blogs are all avoided. or protected. so that shrinks "the whole internet" down to the the teachers and students at my school, who have to abide by my schools rules and regulations, regarding taking pictures from my blog and posting/doing shit with them elsewhere. that's not the same with th though i understand, but, TH regularly gets about only 900-ish visitors? who literally are freely allowed to do whatever with the pics i've posted of my kids, but again that doesn't affect them in annyyy way at all. people can comment, share, whatever - maybe hateful comments which can reach 123182093 comments, which can't be taken back blah blah as unrealistic as that may be yup it's possible but again: doesn't afect me or my kids in anyway and i probably won't ever see what people do with whatever pics, including if people from my school save them, but i can deal with people at my school doing shit like that anyway so they're practically irrelevant. also regarding the whole internet thing again in relation to sharing pics of my kids. harmless. even with people with bad intentions. especially here in new zealand.

      i’ve read FUCKEN TONS stories of investigators who (in order to show the potential dangers of social media to parents) were able to find everything needed to abduct a child from a parent’s social media account. thankfully, in the examples I’ve heard, these were police officers making a point and not child predators, but it raises some interesting questions. but if a police officer or investigator can find a child’s name, birthdate and school from a parent’s social media posts, it seems logical that a predator might be able to as well. but! again i've only shared pictures. you can't do jak shit with the pictures i've shared. i've also never shared addresses, though if you go to my school you can easily find out then again, my school is extremely secure aswell as my town. literally never been a pedophile/rapist/murderer here. ever. (besides acidental murders) also even so, i'm not the only parent in nz posting pitures on soial media, there's parents posting pics of there kids on facebook and the big social media sites which i don't so... speaking "ignorantly" compared to my parental peers i'm less likely to get shit like ^. NOT that it's even fkn likely :lol:

      THEN there's the most MOST likely option everyone is ignoring. people probably don't even give a shit about the pics of my... of anyone's kids. of anyone's ANYONE. and are just going to briskly, serenely, beautifully, quietly ignore them. coz they don't care. ^^

      then there's people who judge parents for sharing photos and stuff about their kids... you did not judge at all gio but people do ok, and what i've written can hopefully clear any judgements you MAY have felt, that goes for anyone. if you have shit with me, god, just say it.

      sigh* again: why i share about my kids online, we each have our own personal policy on posting pictures of our kids, don't judge because my policy doesn't reflect yours.

      most of this isn't even directed at you gio, i'm just being broad.
      also to the other parents of this site/any fucken site or anyone who reads, i don't mean to combat any of your ideals if you disagree with my personal reason for posting pictures of my kids. i deal with enough judgement. (still if you/anyone disagree with anything ^ you better fucken say)
      6/5/16 - The date i became permanently in love :lovey:
    • get an award. you need an award. :jmp: you've actually elucidated and smashed a few insecurities i have about posting pics of my kids on my social medias lol but honestly i never really thought much of it :/ until reading your post BUT as i read further you clarified further <3

      i'm now only worried that people can guess my password to all my shit (that's if you know my kidsnames) (and i think i've only told like 3 people here) so :lol: :thumbsup: