Secret Admirer Notes (Love)

    • Secret Admirer Notes (Love)

      Have you ever written a secret admirer notes for your love?

      So theres this guy i like and i made this cute little secret admirer notes for him 2day(feb14-valentinesday)and he hasnt gotten it yet cause i slipped it in his locker after skool wen ther was nobodie in the hall. but he's real shy and i dont think he has a valentine. but ive liked him for a while. i think he has an idea that i like him, cause one day my sis was saying st 2 me & i leaned over 2 her but it lookd sorta like i was peering from behind the vending machines at him.

      And so he was looking straight at me when i did that. lol but i actualli wasnt looking at him that time. but anyway!!! so i realli like him & i almost chickened out. but thank god 4 my bff she like forced my hand to put it in the locker allll the way. that way i cudnt go back n pull it out. but yea, tell me what you think.

      this is what was in the note:

      There is a special something about you...
      Something...that draws me to you
      and makes me want to get to know you better.
      Something...that stirs-up my emotions
      every time I see you;
      every time I hear or speak your name
      I really don't understand why I feel this way,
      or, what this is all about;
      I only know that my heart tells me
      —with each and every pounding beat—
      that there is something special about you...

      ~Secret Admirer Notes~ p.s. I know this isn't really an original poem, since i didnt make it. But Im not very good at poems. actually, im horrible at them. I'm more interested in art and stuff. But anyway, I really like you. I dont think i want to tell you who i am, but i really hope you have a happy valentines day! =)
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      Awwww cute! That's so gorgeous. Seriously, I know I'd love for a girl to do something like that for me. I hope it works out how you want it too.
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      thanks!!! =) oh. i didnt tell u what the note luked like did i??? it wasnt ur normal college rule paper. it was PINK. lol and i drew a pic of this girl on there in a pretty dress n her hands were behind her back. then on the other side of the folded note, i drew a heart with an arrow going thru it!!! =)
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      oh my god. i think he knows it was me who wrote it... omg i dont even know what 2 think of it... idk if he likes me 2 or not but how is he gonna know its me who wrote it wen i didnt even give him a single clue about me??! how is he gonna just KNOW...? maybe his friend knows my handwriting since hes in one of my classes. aghhh. i feel like...well, like everything i thought might go wrong sorta just did. this morning he wasnt in his normal place. he was in some other place. then wen i passed by him, him n his friend started laughing. i think it was at me... what did i do wrong there??? everybody says they think the note was cute. so wtf?? idk. but i dont think i wanna find out from him. i just dunno what to think about him. do u think he's just being shy n is laughing cause he thinks its cute but his friend is teasing him about it being a love note or st??? i dont know. but i KNEW st like this was gonna happen cause it always happens with guys i like. they seem nice, everybody thinks theyre nice, then once they find out u like them they go CRAZY. even wen theyre just assuming it. and thats y i never like the guys at my school. cause wats the point? theyre onli gonna run away. i think im just really getting tired of boys and i just really dont think love is for me. i mean, i would like it to be...but it just isnt. i read all those teen fiction romance books n i wish just once i could find somebody thats actually near my city thats just like the boys from the book & actually love me 2. not like. but love. just ONCE.... but i dunno maybe im just talking cause im mad, hurt, n confused.... i dunno.
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      ok if u happen 2 read this just please make sure u give me ur advice. cause i really need it right now and im about 2 have one of my sad moments. i think im just going 2 play like i never wrote the note in this first place. cause i mentioned in the note how long it took me to write that thing. like an hour. and there wasnt even much writing. more drawing & decorating. and if hes gonna take that as something funny then maybe i shud just 4get about him & move on... but moving on isnt easy for me at all. especially when its involving.... well i dont want 2 finish that sentence, i dont think im really responsible for what i say. because right now i really dont know what i feel about this whole thing. im so so SO confused and really need some advice.

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      don't feel bad , i think what you did was brave, and I would appreciate someone doing that for me. he might just be laughing about it because of his friends, they might be jerks , like my friends are, when it comes to this sort of thing.

      just go talk to him.. you dont have anything to lose. even if you get turned down, its better than not knowing
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      yea but im such a chicken about asking people myself, and i know it probly isnt even that big of a deal asking somebody if they like me, but i dont think i CAN ask him that without having this major adrenaline feeling, like im going to passout, or like im feeling light and sorta warm all of a sudden. then when i talk while im feeling that way, my words are cut a little short cause of nervousness n light headedness. which then screws up the rest of my plans 2 stay cool :eek: and he'll think im a freak(ok maybe not really idk) and he'll turn me down cause of my strange loss to speak clearly!!