Results :D

    • I got some results back today and they made me really happy. I got an A* in my statistics coursework and the exam board sent back the final grades for out First CiDA project today so I went to my teacher at lunch and I got a Distinction (A*) :D and the highest mark in the school including last year :D (We're the second year going through GCSEs so last year is the only year to beat :p).

      I have my chemisty C2 exams on Monday, I have a fun weekend of revision :(

      Anyone else got any results back lately?
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    • Re: Results :D

      A* in my Drama coursework is probably the best news I've had so far, my ambition to be an actor and all.

      I got a B in the Biology ISA, which was dissapointing, so I'm hoping I can do better in my Chemistry one so that one gets sent off.

      A* in all of my English coursework, A* in all of my French's all generally sailing smoothly.