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    I've decided it would be quite a good idea to create a list of websites that may help with study :) I'll update this post when I find new sites and it may take me a little while to get a comprehensive list but I'll start now. If you have any sites that you would like to have put on the list just PM me the details (I'll need help to keepthis list up to date from members especially from countries other than the UK also university students if you have good websites to help others please tell me them for I won't have any experience in that field).

    The sites will be categorised by country because of course all sylabuses are different however if you have or I find sites dedicated to single subject areas they shall be classified under their subject name :)

    United Kingdom

    BBC KS3 Bitesize - Revision from BBC Bitesize aimed at KS3. You can revise here for your English Maths and Science SATs
    BBC GCSE Bitesize - Pleanty of revison material again from the BBC to aid GCSE revision.
    BBC Welsh TGAU Bitesize - Revise for the Welsh TGAU
    BBC 16+ - Doing your A-levels? The BBC has revision for you too :)
    BBC Scottish Standard Grade Bitesize - Revision for Scottish Standard Grade
    BBC Scottish Highers Bitesize - Revision for Scottish Highers.
    Topmarks - A revision search engine! For GCSE and A-levels
    Revision Aid - A general educational resource, covers KS3, GCSEs and A-levels. - A site created by UK science teachers for UK science students.

    Please please help me fill this list in with other countries :) PM me the info, thank you!
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