Going to court for truancy: what to expect?

    • Going to court for truancy: what to expect?

      I have to go to court for truancy sometime in the next 2 weeks. I've missed a lot of school due to depression and anxiety. I have all sorts of doctors excusing me, but I missed a day last week and the school filed a petition. My support teacher told me they're just going to court mandate me to be in school.

      I'm not to worried right now. It's just not real to me. My parents are kind of freaking out though. I probably will be too when it comes, but right now I'm trying not to be. I don't really think anything else is going to happen because my teacher wouldn't have told me that if she didn't think that's all that was going to happen.

      Has anyone ever been to court for truancy or anything else? Or do you know anyone who has? Have you ever been to court for anything? I'm just wondering what to expect.
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      you'll be fine, that i promise you, truency is right down the bottom of the courts slap on the hand list. ive only twice for assault (on a male), n even then they don't give a fuck, they've told me stay away from him basically.
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      I've never been to court for truancy, nor do I know anyone that's gone to court for truancy. But I have seen court cases. And my husband is currently doing a year in prison, so I've seen court proceedings...

      Depending on the judge and what mood he/she is in, you could get told to go back to school or a fine or community service. If you have doctors notes that's definitely a good thing and most likely they will take it into consideration.

      Don't worry, or stress out about it. The most that they can really do is fine you, give you community service and tell you to go back to school. If it's the first offense they are more likely to go lenient on you.

      If you have doctors notes etc, make sure you bring them to court with you. Documentation is a VERY good thing to have.

      But once again don't panic. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt there will be anything more serious than a fine or community service thrown at you. Truancy isn't a felony, thereby not gonna get you jail time (unless your already on parole or probation but since you've said you've never been to court before you are most likely not on probation or parole) and as I've said before if you have doctors notes than they will take that into consideration.

      Just don't stress out about it and hang in there. When you go before the judge, be honest. Tell him "I know I've missed a lot of school and I'm sorry for that, but here's why..." don't sound like it's all an excuse but explain why and tell the judge that you are undergoing treatment, and getting things straightened out.

      But don't stress too much. It's nothing major.
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      Thanks. I guess I feel better now. I've never been to court before and I've only got one thing on my record. It was last April, my friends and I were caught out at 4am. Big deal.

      Honestly I'm just hoping this doesn't mess up my Spring Break plans.

      Anyways, I'll let you all know how it goes.