• There was a little boy named Billy, and it was Thankgsiving and his parents were preparing to have guests over.
      He heard his parents arguing in the kitchen and heard his mom call his dad a bastard, and heard his dad call him mom a bitch.
      So he asks, "Mom, dad, what's a bastard and a bitch?"
      His dad replies, "Well Billy, a bitch is a woman and a bastard is a gentleman."
      So later on he goes outside and hears from the neighbor's window, "Put your penis in my vagina."
      So curious little Billy has to ask, "Mom, what is a penis and a vagina?"
      She replies, "Well Billy, a penis is a coat and a vagina is a hat."
      Later on while his mom is cutting the turkey she cuts her fingers and says, "Fuck!"
      Billy asks, "Mom, what's fuck?"
      She replies, "Well Billy, fuck is a way of cutting the turkey."
      Billy then goes upstairs and sees his father shaving, and while he is shaving he cuts himself and says, "Shit."
      So Billy asks, "Father, what's shit?"
      His father replies, "Well Billy, shit is a type of shaving cream."
      Later on the guests arrive, and Billy goes up to them and greets them by saying, "Hello bitches and bastards. May I take your penises and vaginas? Dad's upstairs whiping shit off his face, and mom's in the kitching fucking the turkey."

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      You could be my [SIZE=3]sea...[/SIZE]