Funny sex stories?

    • Funny sex stories?

      Ok... We all have some funny sex stories in our life, or will eventually.

      Some of my own stories are as follows : -

      Okay, my boyfriend at the time was having a party at his house. Well, we go into his room, and you know, start going at it. Well the door is locked and everything, and his best friend busts in with a camera. Ha, my boyfriend stops and starts yelling at his friends and i'm like "Shut up, keep going!"

      I don't know, I just thought that was funny.

      Another time (same guy) we were having sex, and I was on top, sitting-kinda. We hear footsteps and freak out because we think it's his mom home early, and I roll over to the left, and fly off the bed and we both just start laughing like crazy. It turned out to be his friend, so we never were caught.

      Share some of your funny sex stories now. Go ahead : )
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      My girlfriend and I were camping out in a tent in a camping site that was rather full. One morning early we were both naked and having sex, when a gust of wind blew the tent over, exposing us to the neighbours.
      I thought it was quite funny, she did not enjoy it, and the neighbours laughed their heads off.
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      Ha..this was actually on Saturday..and its the reason I made my other thread..for those that saw it.

      My and my gf were hanging out like the whole say with her best friend and her bf. After they left we went back to her house around 10. We were just laying on the lawn and after a while she had her shirt off..and her uncle pulled up. So we both jumped up and she put my sweatshirt on. After grabbing some of out..thigns..we like jumped the fence into the backyard.

      We threw some stuff on the little slide there and jsut kinda walked around..and after a while we were both naked. By now its like 11 and we notice her cousin standing by the fence..dressed in all black. So she throws me sweatshirt on again..and were like crouching behind the pool fence while we gather up our stuff...

      Were all good and we start talking to her cousin..hes like 17 or 18. Hes telling us that her mom is worried and that we shouldnt be outside. Were just talking and he starts giving us a speech about how theres crack dealers and shootings around. He says that its ok and he understands, and we want time together and were doing about "1/4" of what hes done. We just laughed..and asked him how long he had been standing there. After that we started to walk inside and found ehr belt on the ground. So we had a little more explaining to just happened to fall off. Ha...

      The second we walked inside we were like bombarded with questions from her mom, she asked what we were doing out in the dark that we couldn't do here in the living room. We just laughed again..

      Alright..that was written terribbly. Don't tell my english teacher. I can't spell tonight either. Idk how funny it actually was, but there were jsut little moments where we just cracked up adn couldn't stop laughing. Mostly because the whole thing was stupid..and like stressfull and stuff. This was also like for me to vent..cuz the whole thing was so stupid. Enjoy.
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      i dont have many funny ones just really shameful ones when id had a little too much to drink, but who doesnt?

      aw i might have 1 funny one, i invited a guy over when my parents had gone out, they wernt out as long as i thought they'd be i could hear the door open so i told him to get the fuck under my bed or jump out the window which was two storys high lol, so he got under, i thought id get away with it untill the stupid dog came barking in my room and sniffed him out. he got chased outta the house obviously, with only half his cloths on it was embarrassing at the time but i spose looking back now its kinda funny.
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      I have a couple funny ones, well one was that i had my bf over and after my parents went to bed, we started getting it on. he had on a banana flavoured condom and like 30 seconds after we had finished my dad came down the stairs. we had just got our clothes back on when my dad reached the bottom of the stairs. he then says " what the hell smells like bananas down here, your mother didnt buy any" turned around and went back up! lol i thought i was gonna piss myself.

      second one was when i moved into my bf's place where he still lived with his parents, we were getting it on thinking everyone was up stairs. so when we were finished i got my bra and underwear on and booked it to the bathroom to freshen up. and while i was running i ran right into his brother. we both got knocked over. lol he just looked at me and blushed
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      I guess I'll breath some life into this "zombie" thread

      Geddit? Back from the dead?

      Anyway, this didn't happen to me but it happened to my best mate. He threw a part at his house and started fucking this girl. While he was doing it, his sister who was drunk as fuck burst into his room and sat on his bed. He pulled the covers up in time, so she didn't know what they were doing, so she just kept talking. The chick was also like her best friend too, which makes it doubly awkward and hilarious. He said he lost his boner in like 3 seconds...
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      Well I was once getting a bit frisky with a guy at a parking lot at night and he ended up taking off my bra and dropping it to the floor, when I got home I realised I completely forgot about it and thought it was quite funny. The next day however, some of my guy friends were talking to me and told me how they came across a random bra lying around in a parking lot that was a pretty funny situation and they still have no idea it was mine :p