How to find a Gay boyfriend?

    • How to find a Gay boyfriend?

      Share some of the tips on how to find a gay boyfriend. Here is my story - So far, the few boyfriends i've had have been by luck. They were gay friends that asked me out. Luckily, I liked them back but never had the guts to ask them out.

      My problem now is, I haven't had a boyfriend in ages. I don't know how to even find someone. I mean, first of all I don't know WHO is gay and who is straight. So I can't just ask people I like out on dates, because there's a huge chance that they're straight. Also, asking if someone's gay or not can be pretty offensive, even if you've known 'em for a while. So I don't get it, how does this work. It seems impossible for me to find someone.

      Is it okay to try and find a gay boyfriend?
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      "How to find a gay boyfriend" ---> interesting question really!!

      It's usually obvious when a guy is straight or gay. Watch for fashion style, body movement, manner of speaking, and emotional sensitivity. Of course, it's possible that some people are just being metrosexual, but it's usually obvious when a guy is gay.
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      Ask friends who they know for a fact is gay? I know tons of people who are gay around here because of connections with friends. Probably already thought about that. Ask them about past relationships when you get to the friendship stage? If they mention a male then there you go, if not then.. next. ;) Hope that helps some.
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      I suppose when your older you can go to gay night clubs, were you will have almost a 100% strike rate finding gay guys lol. Do you have any friends that are girls? Im sure they no gay guys, you gotta network bro. :wink:

      Besides you dont need a boyfriend. If your nothing without another person your nothing with them.
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      I have a friend who knows some gay people, shes hooked me up a few times, but your right it's tough trying to find someone. I'm not flamming gay, I really dislike that it's just weird, but just look around ask some girls, they usually know some gay people, at least at my school. Good luck though!