• My sister was diagnosed with an optic pathway giloma (a brain tumor which is on her optic nerves - luckily it's benign) about 3 and a half years ago, she had about a year of radiotherapy to stop it from growing.
      It seemed to work, but we found out late last year that it had grown again and she now has lesions on her brain stem and spine. She's going through chemotherapy and is okay at the moment, but earlier on, she took a turn for the worst. She had constant headaches, violent mood swings and she was sick all the time.

      The doctors didn't know what was wrong with her and she was basically a human experiment for months, while they tried to figure out what was wrong with her. She had about 17 operations in the span of 5 months, because whatever they did kept going wrong. She had hydrocephalus (where the CSF builds up in the brain) and she had a cerebral shunt fitted in, but there was about 3/4 times where it wasn't draining and times where the CSF was leaking from the scars on her head.
      Luckily the shunt is working now but she will probably never have the shunt out again.

      Despite all this she remains as mentally strong as ever, however I have taken a turn for the worst. I quite serious depression from November 2006 to about July 2007, and it now seems that I have manic/bipolar depression.

      I appologise for how long this is, but I wanted to see if anybody has any advice about what to do for my depression; if anybody has any similarities, or differences with what me and my family have gone/going through; or if people just want to comment on what I have written.
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    • Im so sorry to hear about your sister... Really good to hear how strong shes been through it- you must be so proud, and a lovely sister for being there for her.

      As for your depression, maybe try going to see someone? Like, a professional... I can't think the name, but there are people that can help.
      Hope your sister gets better, and things start looking up for you.
    • =[ Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds like really tough time for you and your family. It's great your sister is still going strong, after all that has happened..

      With your depression, you really should see a professional, and make sure you talk to your family about it so they can also support you. Just remember your sister is doing well and if you're feeling good, she will too.

      Good luck and be happy..
    • thanks, for all you comments. I'm going to see a therapist again (i'm on the priority list), but there is a long wait, so i'm a wee bit annoyed about that. My sister didn't take that too well. Apparently, when the letter came saying that I had to wait even longer, she went off on one, talking about how stupid they were and how she would call them and have a go at them. Was sehr funny to hear. Cheered up my day.

      anywho, thanks again

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    • Im really sorry to hear about your sister & I hope she recovers 100% !
      As for you theres lots of people you can go to about your depression
      Firsty friends & family are an obvious choice & theres also doctors you can
      see who can help you. If you dont feel up to telling anyone go do something
      that can take your mind of the situation a little bit, take up a hobby something
      you can really get into. :)
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    • Thanks to everyone for your kind words!!

      I'm very pleased to say that my sister has finished her chemo and is getting back to her old self. She's just had a big party to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and her end of chemo. The party had a raffle and we raised over £550 for a charity that helps teens with cancer - they helped my sister when she was very down. :D

      We're both starting college in a couple of weeks (despite her being 18) and she's really looking forward to getting out of the house and making new friends (we moved right before her chemo started).

      As for me and my depression, it's getting better, although the bi-polar part of it seems a bit worse. I feel much better about the future for our family now.

      Thank you again for all your kindness

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    • It sounds like you have a really supportive and strong family, which is so important. You also seem like a great sister. I'm glad she's doing well. Bipolar issues are nothing to take lightly, though, and don't think that you should ignore it because of your sister's health or anything. You deserve to be happy.
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    • I'm really sorry to hear about your sister, and I know how cancer can be. My friends dad passed away from Cancer a while back. Anyways, about your depression, it seems pretty obvious it was brought about by your sisters cancer issues. I think you really just need someone to talk to and someone to listen to you. A therapist can do wonders, and are really there to provide moral support and just to hear you out.

      Another idea is to just confide in your closest friends. Depression can often be the cause of tons of built up and repressed emotions, which is common when having to deal with a lot of things at once (ie. school, work, parents, social life, with the added sister having cancer). Sometimes the best way to relieve all that depression and changing moods is to just let it all out to someone, they don't even have to talk, just so you can know someone is listening to how you're feeling.

      Also, remember that even though your sister has all these problems, she is also alive, and she is mentally strong! She is staying tough so take pride in that!