twenty facts about you.

    • twenty facts about you.

      Post twenty of the most random, coolest, embaressing fact about you.
      It's a fun way to get to know people :]

      1) I'm REALLY sarcastic. Like 24/7... sorry :]
      2) I have a big heart.
      3) Tanning is one of my favorite hobbies.
      4) I hate every kind of bug.
      5) I dot my "i"s with hearts <3
      6) I have dreams that are impossible to reach.
      7) I'm never on time.
      8) I never leave home without make-up.
      9) shop-a-holic :]
      10) I spend way too much money.
      11) I rather talk in person than through IM/phone
      12) I am very insecure.
      13) I'm deathly afraid of the dark.
      14) I don't really like Illinois.
      15) I'm a wil' girl forever. I'll never grow up.
      16) I can be jealous, but I try not to be.
      17) I like to be called cute names.
      18) I get along with little kids. They understand me :] tehe
      19) I don't like dark soda.
      20) I get a lot of compliment on my green eyes. I know they're big... SHUDDUP :]

      The end!
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    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      okay ill have a go at this.....

      1. I'm the youngest of five children
      2. I protect my heart too much
      3. I am bisexual
      4. My favorite colors are orange and green
      5. I have the biggest crush on my best friend Cameron
      6. I think the worst thing anyone can do in a relationship is cheat on their partner
      7. I love watching the Logo channel (the lesbian and gay station lol)
      8. I first knew I was bi because of Cassie Steele on Degrassi (Manny Santos)
      9. I want to save myself for marriage
      10. I love love love vanilla ice cream cones with lots of cherries!!!
      11. I'm a tomboy but I like to dress up and get girly sometimes
      12. I don't like guys my own age... either older or younger
      13. I love watching scary movies... especially for movie dates
      14. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland
      15. I'm a junior at a private school
      16. Even though I protect my heart I tend to fall in love easily
      17. I'm part Native American (eno occaneechi), African American, Japanese, and Irish
      18. I speak some Spanish but I'm not fluent
      19. My lucky/favorite numbers are 8, 2, 22, and 28
      20. I'm a runner. I run the 400, 500, and the 4x4

      okay there u go
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. I'm a pianist.
      2. I'm gay
      3. School is for fools (I wanna be homeschooled if my parents will allow me.)
      4. I frequently skip sleep for up to 48 hours.
      5. It's hard to think of 20 interesting facts about yourself.
      6. I'm obsessed with science and nature.
      7. I get infrequent crushes on girls, but they have to be very gorgeous and have great personalities.
      8. I'm long-winded.
      9. I'm usually kind but I can be cruel.
      10. I have brown hair.
      11. I once masturbated in public.
      12. I'm 16 but can't drive yet.
      13. My "boyfriend" hasn't called me in 7 months.
      14. Being young rocks.
      15. Being smart rocks.
      16. Having my parents rocks.
      17. I considered being a Buddhist for a few months.
      18. I hate sports.
      19. I'm picky.
      20. I like classical music.
      And your very flesh shall be a great poem.
      -Walt Whitman
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. i have a huge coursework deadline tomorrow but im not handing my project in
      2. i dont want to go have my hair trimmed because im afraid of telling the hairdressers to do 2 inches instead of 1
      3. i hate classical music
      4. i have masturbated in about 7 rooms of my house
      5. i have 3 sim cards and one mobile
      6. i miss my sister who got married a year ago
      7. i have ocd so if i put a dot at the end of one point in a bullet pointed list i have to go through every bullet pointed list in that book and dot the ends
      8. i havent even learnt to drive but i have a playlist of 9 songs that i am going to make into a cd once i get my own car and play them to my hearts content because theyre 'driving songs'
      9. i have/have had crushes on so many teachers in school
      10. i have/have had personal vendettas against so many teachers in school
      11. im insecure about so many things that its unbelievable
      12. i dont like touching cups/glasses/spoons if certain people have used them
      13. i have a toothache, legache and headache at this exact moment in time
      14. i hate my form tutor
      15. i just ate a huge double choc chip muffin in four mins
      16. with milk - my favouritest drink in the world
      17. i find it so much easier to orgasm if i masturbate after realising i need the toilet
      18. i love walking home from school with my hair out because it attracts lots of male attention (bring it onnn!) and then i can perv on sexy guys asses from behind as they slow down to talk to my dreams :(
      19. until september i had always shared a bedroom with someone
      20. the most played song on my ipod is baby its you by jojo and bow wow

      ps...did u notice how i didnt put any full stops on the points? :) x
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    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. I Love girls.
      2. But my biggest weakness are spanish girls.
      3. I love my car and my iPod
      4. I wish to get married in the date febuary 14, ????.
      5. I had so many girlfriends when I was in 10th grade.
      6. I love my family and my dog.
      7. I make the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
      8. I have a twin brother.
      9. Who is gay.
      10. I'm a virgin.
      11. I don't like girls who dress slutty.
      12. Like Britney Spears.
      13. I love Jennifer Lopez, she's one hot sexy latina!
      14. I have modeled for 6 years.'
      15. I have myspace.
      16. And I go in everyday.
      17. I'm considered the best french kisser at my school.
      18. I brush my teeth everyday.
      19. And shower.
      20. And sleep.
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      Hmm...let's see...

      My 20 facts:

      1. I use a nightlight when I go to sleep.
      2. I drived today w/out my license.
      3. I love watching sad movies when I'm happy (yeah it's weird).
      4. I don't like being told what to do.
      5. I'm bilingual.
      6. I love all Zelda games.
      7. I love listening to people talk.
      8. I never had a boyfriend...
      9. ...or a first kiss.
      10. I still watch catoons on Saturday mornings (and everyday).
      11. I love my grandfather to death.
      12. I love listening to music when I'm down.
      13. I love drawing.
      14. I ride horses and train them.
      15. I hate it when people make fun of others.
      16. I find it hard to "fit in" at any group in school.
      17. I don't really have any friends (it's not that bad).
      18. I love to dance ballet.
      19. I love running in marathons, I've already ran 3 marathons this year.
      20. I like going out to the movies.
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1) I'm Blonde
      2) I dont have many friends.
      3) I'm Bi-sexual! : )
      4) I'm a Creative Writer for My Own Horror Tales.
      5) I'm in love with somone i cant have.
      6) my dream is to work with horror movies or books.
      7) I have over 50 videos on youtube, i love to blog.
      8) I Wear Lots Of Black : )
      9) i'm 6 ft tall
      10) I'm 14 years old
      11) I love online communication : )
      12) I Love making new friends : )
      13) I'm Scared Of People sorrounding me or behind me
      14) I love Guys Because they feel "right"
      15) I Love Girls because at times there more sensative : )
      16) I can be jealous of skinny ppl :P
      17) I Love tv
      18) I get along with little old people : )
      19) I hate ppl who think there better then anyone!
      20) I love Horror.
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. I love Becky to bits!
      2. I get jealous really easy.
      3. My mind can trick me easily.
      4. I have loadz of mates at school and in different countrys
      5. I have Xbox Live.
      6. I loved the day me and Becky went out when school was shut.
      7. I listen to music alot when I feel depressed.
      8. My favourite colour is purple.
      9. I'm addicted to Becky.
      10. I hate to be alone.
      11. I miss Becky right now :(
      12. My mates like to stroke my hair since I've got a skinhead.
      13. I feel depressed and lonley right now :(
      14. Im listening to Avril Lavinge right now.
      15. I'm playing Gears of War with my American mates; Right now.
      16. I've got DiDA tomorrow.

      17. I have a Homer Simpson cup saying "Without TV, it's hard to tell when one day ends and the other begins."
      18. My PC is bullshit.
      19. I love you becky!
      20. My PC didn't freeze while attempting this post :rolleyes:
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      Mattster, are you trying to tell us you love Becky or something? :P

      Anyway, here's mine.

      1.) Love those dear to me. (Sav, <3)
      2.) Deep passion in reading. (So many types, won't list.)
      3.) Deeper passion in writing. (Fiction, Fantasy, Non-fiction etc.)
      4.) Like chillin' with friends.
      5.) I love laughing.
      6.) I like music. (Lot's of music.)
      7.) I have hazel eyes, that turn golden in the summer.(I'm told I have pretty eyes.)
      8.) I'm told to have a sexy voice, I wonder if I really do.
      9.) I hate cliques and rude people at school.
      10.) I only consider few my friends.
      11.) I love to swim and have a certificate in it.
      12.) Most of what I drink is water.
      13.) I love to roleplay, among other things.. <_<
      14.) I like to work with my hands.
      15.) I like to do wild, crazy things that make people go "WHOAH!"
      16.) I like going "WHOAH!"
      17.) I'm told to be very unpredictable.
      18.) Party-time is happy-time.
      19.) Learning is something I like. GASP!
      20.) More facts to type but limited to twenty. -flails-
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      Travelling_Storyteller wrote:

      3.) Deeper passion in writing. (Fiction, Fantasy, Non-fiction etc.)

      6.) I like music. (Lot's of music.)

      7.) I have hazel eyes, that turn golden in the summer.(I'm told I have pretty eyes.)

      8.) I'm told to have a sexy voice, I wonder if I really do.

      15.) I like to do wild, crazy things that make people go "WHOAH!"

      19.) Learning is something I like. GASP!

      (whistles) Nothing to complain about there...
      And your very flesh shall be a great poem.
      -Walt Whitman
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. I was the only 'hippie' in high school. so i just had friends all over the place.
      2. I'm diagnosed, and treated for bipolar disorder
      3. im extremely bi-curious
      4. i love myself, but i dont think im pretty
      5. i came from a broken home
      6. whenever i color, i always fuck the colors up because...
      7. ...i think outside the box
      8. i've never met anyone with the same spiritual beliefs i do. im a spiritual person
      9. im a complete stoner. weed=emotional stability legalize it!
      10. i cant stand it when my legs get prickly
      11. my dads bithday is the day after mine
      12. i just lost 30lbs....never felt better...going for 10 more
      13. i think scientology is a scam
      14. im a sinner. at least i can admit it.
      15. i like green grapes and green apples
      16. favorite color is purple, but i <3 RAINBOWS!!!!!!
      17. i like a wide variety of music. trance, (good) rap, classic rock, goth rock, indie, classical, new age, and world.
      18. im going to school to be an artist
      19. i played the flute and saxophone in band. jazz band, concert, and piccolo in marching
      20!!! I < 3 PORN!!!
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1. I don't like when people randomly touch me. Meaning if I'm sitting there and someone touches my hair or plays with my hand then I spaz out.
      2. People tell me all the time that they want to come to my house when I'm sleeping and steal my eyes from my eye socket.
      3. I don't eat for a long period of time and then when I do it hurts my stomach lining.
      4. I love skateboarding.
      5. I can't think of anything else.
      6. I'm bored and horny.
      7. I love girls and guys. Actually, a best friend of mine has a huge crush on me. She is fucking hot.
      8. I'm in love.
      9. I'm listening to A Rocket To The Moon.
      10. I use ate peanut butter from the jar.
      11. My back hurts and so does my stomach.
      12. I make up words all the time to confuse people.
      13. I cry on kiddy movies such as Finding Nemo and The Fox and the Hound.
      14. I fall too hard for people.
      15. I don't trust easy, so don't expect me to believe you.
      16. Random AIM conversations make me smile.
      17. I love when people attempt to hurt my feelings. At least you tried.
      18. I love random hugs and kisses.
      19. Sometimes I pretend to be cold so you'll hold me.
      20. I won't let you down, seriously.
    • Re: twenty facts about you.

      1) I love my Family
      2) I love my Friends
      3) I love my Enemies, cause they make life interesting.
      4) Girls.... rock!
      5) You mess with any of my brothers, i'll knock the shit out of you.
      6) I am small in stature, but I pack a punch.
      7) You wont like me when I am angry.
      8) I am a hopeless romantic and will bring you your favorite candy just cause.
      9) If I trust you, I will tell you what ever you want to know.
      10) I have laid in the grass all night with a girl in my arms, cause it's not just something girls do.
      11) I like ice cream.
      12) The feel of someone else's skin is so amazing.
      13) I drink with friends, never alone.
      14) I like to work and like to clean as long as I know it will be appricated(SP?)
      15) I work best alone, but love help from others.
      16) I vote to fuck the last 4.
      17) All In Favor?
      18) Aye
      19) All Opposed?
      20) ...