twenty facts about you.

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      1. this is my frist time on teen hut
      2. i think its pretty cool
      3. i have many diffrent personallities that come out at diffrent times
      4. i know im weird and have problums:rolleyes:
      5. i suck at spelling
      6. im a virgin
      7. i made up my own religion
      8. im a major tom-boy
      9. i love staying up all night for many days in a row running outta things to say
      11. i have only had one real boyfriend and i love him very much
      12. i hope that i will someday marry him
      13. sometimes i lie way too much for my own good
      14. right now im eating cookie dough :p
      15. i cant stand to watch any news station
      16. im addicted to myspace(sad i know)
      17. i fear losing the ones i love almost all the time
      18. i dont give my parents the credit they deserve
      19. i am a gerally happy person
      20. id be lost without my friends
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      1) I get highly pissed off at "net speak" when IMing people...
      2) I failed nearly every class my freshman year of high school but I am usualy very uptight about grades
      3) I tend to ramble on and on about absolutely nothing
      4) I went to catholic school for mddle school for the most part
      5) I have gone to 16 different schools since 4th grade
      6) I HATE when people whine, and complain about how hard their lives are, I can take it to a point but if you are white, live in an upperclass neighborhood with both parents, and has never had anything really bad happen to you you have no right to complain that your life sucks because your parents don't get you, are too strict, or didn't buy you a porsch for your 16th birthday
      7) I have zero tolerance for stupidity
      8) I have a kind of "dark" sense of humor at times
      9) I work nightshift at a printing press factory and absolutely loathe it.
      10) I live with 2 gay men
      11) I am bisexual but lean more towards women than I do men (I am a girl)
      12) My family has a history of bi-polar
      13) I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      14) My parents are divorced and my dad is remarried to a woman that I don't really like most of the time
      15) My mom is engaged
      16)I am going to College to get a degree in Psychology and then I am either going to go to law school to be a victims advocate/rape crisis counselor, or I am going to join the police department and eventually be a detective with the special victims unit
      17)The detective bit is at times odds with me sometimes as I don't always stick to what is legal, though I have never done anything that would get me imprisoned, just would carry a fine or community service... but I have never gotten caught
      18) my friends are pretty crazy
      19) I am the oldest of four, all girls, ages 18 (me) 15, 13 and 8 months...
      20) I am usually tired
      [SIZE=4]"Penguins. Lovely." - Edward in Eclipse

      Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. You know you want to read it.
    • 1) I liked skateboarding
      2) i hate the colour yellow
      3) i think fake tan is weird
      4) I like bugs
      5) i punch people who dot their "i"s with <3's
      6) i've dyed my hair black a few times
      7) i'm the youngest of 3
      8.) I suck with make up and never use it... unless someone else offers
      9) i hate surprizes
      10) i owe much munniez
      11) i hate feminists
      12) I get mad sometimes
      13) i use to walk as slow as i could from the bathroom to my bedroom at night
      14) people who threaten to kill themselves online piss me off
      15) i want to be taller
      16) i take what i want
      17) i hate being called cute names, except from "the cutest"
      18) I love kids, they're allowed my patience
      19) I don't like beer
      20) everyone in my family has green aibolz
    • 1) my name has an apostrophe in it
      2) my fav colour is red
      3) i.... have never lost an arm wrestle
      4) I like cherries
      5) i have girly handwriting
      6) i have monkey ears
      7) i am the middle child
      8.) i am a parent
      9) i don't like owing people
      10) i have a green car
      11) i... don't like touching other peoples hands
      12) i like books
      13) i've banged a teacher before
      14) i have bad eyesight
      15) i want to be taller
      16) i am... not very forgiving
      17) i hate deforestation
      18) i'm good at spelling
      19) I HATE beer
      20) i can speak a bunch of random languages
      6/5/16 - The date i became permanently in love :lovey:
    • 1. I used to be bi, now I'm straight,
      2. When I was 8 I started wearing panties and now I just wear men's small bikinis.
      3. I love eating cum. I only eat my own or my gf's now.
      4. I used to play soggy cracker to loose.
      5. I love wearing nothing.
      6. I skipped the second grade.
      7. I still take baths or showers with one of my girl cousins (same age , nothing sexual ever happens.)
      8.i like sushi.
      9.i once gave oral to 13 boys in one session. (One after the other).
      10. I taught a nine year old boy and his gf how to have sex.
      11. After I cum I have trouble holding my bladder. If I wank in bed before I go to sleep I put on a goodnite after. Usually I wank a couple of hours before I go to bed.
      12. I got started on wearing panties when my cousin accidentally left a pair in my room after a visit.
      13. A friend of mine and I once put on body paint "clothes" ( gym shorts and tshirt ) then put on shoes and socks and roamed the neighborhood in the middle of the night. A car drove by and we waved to them.
      14.i wanked at school in class once.
      15. I don't like anal.
      16. I still play in my sandbox.
      17.i have my own collection of sex toys.
      18. I have a collection of porn DVDs
      19.i once peeked in and watched mom and dad doing it . I was 5 . I watched the whole thing.
      20. I used to happily wank in front on my parents. They eventually told me to keep it in my room.
      21. I have a gun that I found in a's a 9mm glock
    • OK. Here are 20 things about me. I figure since I'm new here it will give folks a good start getting to know me. Also, since I'm writing some personal things, you'll know things about me that not even my best friends know. (And they don't know I'm on here.)

      1) I'll be freshman in high school this fall.
      2) I play tennis. It's my best sport.
      3) Masturbation is my other best sport.
      4) I've lived in the same house my whole life.
      5) My brother is 18 and I admire him a lot.
      6) I have 3 other best friends, too.
      7) I like all kinds of music and I take piano lessons.
      8) I am a virgin but hope to take care of that this summer.
      9) I am learning Spanish
      10) I play Spanish Scrabble with two of my friends , but we aren't very good.
      11) I am constantly thinking of things that make me want to jack off. Constantly!
      12) I get really good grades in school without trying too hard.
      13) One of my best friends and I go shirtless all summer. (Whenever we can.)
      14) My chest and abs are my best feature.
      15) I also like to ski.
      16) Sometimes I don't wear underwear.
      17) My brother has a truly huge, porn-worthy cock. We measured it.
      18) My dad wants me to get my hair cut short.
      19) I usually sleep naked.
      20) My favorite color is burgundy.

      Anything else you want to know, just ask.
    • OK here goes...

      1- I am a virgin
      2- I have social anxiety
      3- I am straight but bi-curious
      4- I have never had a girlfriend as I'm waiting for the right girl
      5- Because of 4, my friends think I'm gay, even though I'm not
      6- On top of 5, my friends think I'm an innocent guy that's never jacked off, even though I probably wank more often than any of them
      7- I've never posted a photo of myself on social media
      8- Even though I'm straight I prefer gay porn
      9- I prefer hentai over porn any day, even though I'm not a huge fan of anime
      10- I'm Australian
      11- I freaking love gaming
      12- I tend not to swear as much as anyone else I know
      13- I hate swimming and the ocean in general
      14- I actually like pineapple on pizza
      15- I have no brothers but 3 sisters instead
      16- I hate internet speak on a whole other level
      17- I'm practically always cold
      18- I' quite cultured in memes
      19- I can't stand talking about myself
      20- I'm horny/ turned on 70% of the time
    • Here are some things (I may have posted about some of them or told ppl here but least youl have em all together wont you)

      1 i love to play games - mainly PC Xbox1 and PS4
      2 apple juice is my fave fruit juice
      3 but i never eat apples they too hard tbh
      4 i live in city thats great for ppl who visit but you dont wanna live in trust me
      5 my swimsuit is light blue
      6 i wear boxer shorts
      7 im not a bitch in fact can be nice but im not a girl who you takes any crap
      8 if it goes to plan i go to uni in september 2019
      9 i was the first person to have there bday in my class at school
      10 i have one annoying big brother
      11 even though i LIKE pink have never had an all pink outfit
      12 do like ciders but regular beer/larger are well bad
      13 chinese food are wrong too
      14 never enjoyed reading just couldnt be arsed tbh
      15 got my first bra at 9
      16 love horror movies
      17 also love games or movies with cars and chases
      18. was 11 nearly 12 when started high school so ppl must do it younger here
      19 also some ppl get to stay at school by there choice which sounds pretty sad
      20 i actually dont like james bond because of how the main character treat women

      how did i do?
    • 1. I love ice cream, expacially vanilla ice cream
      2. I love anime and manga
      3. I daydream a lot
      4. My favourite countries are England, USA and Japan
      5. I love spicy food
      6. I have 3 brothers all younger than me
      7. I don't like the colour orange
      8. I speak very fast
      9. I lived in London for 4 months, 8 years ago
      10. When I was 8 i tried to light up a sigarette that was thrown away and tried to smoke it (it didn't worked)
      11. Sometimes I think about sex for hours
      12. Once I tried to steal a packet of crisps
      13. I like reading
      14. I'm a very shy person
      15. I hate studying grammar
      16. I love writing
      17. I'm a pepsi person
      18. I love the song Ananconda by Nicki Minaj
      19. People say that I can draw very well but I don't always show my drawings to people because I think that I'm not that good
      20. It's 1:26 am here where i live
    • 1 i hate pasta
      2 i was born in south africa
      3 my dad left when i was 3
      4 i love junk food
      5 pepsi not coke
      6 was technically dead once
      7 im straight
      8 get horny lots
      9 im nice mum says so
      10 play guitar
      11 im diabetic
      12 have surgery scars on my head
      13 im very shy
      14 im still a virgin just
      15 hate smoking
      16 have a younger sister
      17 think my body is un exceptional
      18 treat girls really well
      19 live near the sea in uk
      20 dont expect to live to be old
      Just a guy looking to chat