Moving On

    • let me share my situation my ex girlfriend for some months have been trying to get back together her parents hate me for some reason so my ex thinks she will just wait till she graduates so get back with me i dont know about that i love her i reallly do but i want to move on i dont want to wait around two years for this girl is it ethical to just move on and maybe find someone else even though i still love my ex my opinion is that it will help me move on.
    • Re: Moving On

      The idea is that you want to move on, and with that in mind if that's what your instinct tells you, you should go along with it.

      Letting go of things like this is never easy to do, and it's understandable that you don't want to wait around on her, and you really shouldn't have too. You're clueless to why her parents hate you, and since they don't acknowledge the relationship in the first place there's only so much you can do.

      It's going to be hard to move on, but in time your feelings will eventually die down. Jumping into a relationship to try and solve your problems also probably isn't the smartest way to act on the situation, this is just one of those things that take time.

      Be honest with your ex, and tell her your feelings. My two cents.
    • Re: Moving On

      Dude, first of all there are many other fish in the sea. Second of all, there has to be some reason why her parents dont like you. Why don't you try contacting them or going to her house to explain to them how much you love their daughter? I'm sure they'd appreciate that a lot.
      If they still won't let you see her, then just wait and see what happens. If it's true love, it will work out in the end. If not, you will find someone else along the way. Goodluck =]