countries and stereotypes

    • I'm living in Sweden about 500 km inside the arctic/polar circle , about 22 kilometers north/east off the city Kiruna.
      My parents and i living in the woods, inside a bush cabin away from human civilisation, our cabin is difficult to reach
      the closest paved road is some 17 kilometers from here, from that road to our cabin is only a small forest path wich is to small for cars and trucks, it's only for offroad quads in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter.
      We have our own water source, electricity from a windmill and diesel generator heating and kooking we use a a wood stove, also boiling hot water.
      Communication we have 4G wireless communication
      fot our internet and phone, but in wintertime it is most off time down
      beacause off the snow and ice storms, than we have a shortwave radio
      system back up for the arctic emergancy channel.
      We have 2 stereotypes living here in the north,
      The sami they are nomads living with rudes of reindeers from place to place where vagentation is for the reindeers, they selling their fur pelts and meat ( delicious) for income.
      I belong orginal to the inuit also called eskimo people, decades a go ( in history lessons they say rond year 1300 ) people moved from the ice fields far nort from here to here to live.