going on holiday....

    • going on holiday....

      Me and my GF want to go on holiday, and weve talked about it and stuff, but struggleing to like find how to book, whats the minimum age and things like that, and i guess i gotta work around her dad first!! BTW im from the UK so no like U.S rules please,
      Has anyone got any websites that like specialise in this sorta thing? Would be very greatful for any info

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      well you seem legally allowed to travel...

      but the question is will you be able to support yourselves, and what would you do if something went wrong ?

      Do you know people that you could go to if there are troubles when your on holidays ?

      I suggest you make a list with your girlfriend the advantages and disadvantages of the trip...
      ~ Andy
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      I would take enough money obviously, and a little spare emergency money. We were planning on going to Paris for a weekend, i speak fluent French and i could ask for help etc if we ever did get into truoble. I dont no any one in Paris, but a phone is always the best bet. Making a list is definatly a good idea, have you done this before?
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      fair enough, i see where your getting at...though think with your head and not your penis :P

      But moving on now, i'd take the following steps:

      1. Make sure your both ready to do this
      2. Make a list of pros/cons
      3. Have your/your gf's parents all together and have an open discussion about the list and reasons why you want to go, etc
      4. Have a chat to some travel agents on special deals, eg: maybe some will offer discount for students

      Here are some tips aswell:

      • be as honest as you can to your/your gf's parents, as trust is a 2-way street
      • planning is everything, work out an itineraryary and give a copy to your and your gf's parents.
      • keep them up to date with everything being arranged
      • make sure you have a solid way your/your gf's parents can contact you while overseas in case of emergency.
      • tag all luggage
      • register with your embassy if they have an overseas program for travellers.
      ~ Andy
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      I don't think there will be any age problems, you can take an airoplane at any age with or without adults.

      Hotels may be a problem, but not if your parents booked them, perhaps paid with thier cards and then told them you'd be alone.

      Should all be fine.

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      FARM_BOI wrote:

      wow thats really helpfull, cheers mate, will make sure il do all those things, if it ensures us going to Paris


      no problems, i'm more than happy to help out.

      one other thing i would do is before you go to paris is contact the french embassy in the UK and tell them to send you a info pack about laws, etc if possible. Because that is what my parents did when they were going to America.
      ~ Andy