What's up with this guy?

    • What's up with this guy?

      So I have this guy in my college right.. that I wasn't really interested to eversince, well he's maybe cute but he's not my type and it didn't look like that he's going to a type of girl like me either, you know. It just didn't occur to me that me&him kinda thing, not really. Then lately when the summer semester started we kind of like started talking like hi and hello, casual talk.. then one time he just suddenly talked about relationship and stuff like 'love is just an illusion'..so yeh we got an impression that he's that kind of guy. But anyway in the past several days he started teasing me like how come my waist and bones are kinda big (I'm not fat), and he teases me that I'm big-boned...and other stuff as well. Then whenever I'm absent he asks my friend if where I am..blah blah. We also chat online and he teases me there as well, but I don't get offended or anything, it makes me laugh actually. Then awhile ago I was with my friend and we saw him, I just fooled around like tapping his cap like, then he pushed me in the guys bathroom!..ok nothing happened, then when me and my friend finally got outside the building he showed up and attempted to kiss me 3 times infront of my friend! and of course i kept on pushing him.

      I don't know really, because I got a lot of guy friends and he's only the one whose acting like this...what do you guys think what he's trying to show? Does he like me or just being playful?? :S I'm acting cool but its making me lil uncomfortable already. So...what you guys think? :S
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      bless him! lol he blatantly likes you.. guys always tease you if they like you.. its their way of gettin your attention with out being obvious..or so they think lol
      Just have a word with him. Maybe online would be easier. Just tell him you like him as a friend and nothing else..if that is the case. Im sure he'll respect that..x =]