anything opinions at all would be greatly appreciated.

    • anything opinions at all would be greatly appreciated.

      Not to long ago (I mentioned this in another thread a few days ago) I broke up with my girlfriend of a year and yeah it was pretty much the worst thing ever but needed to be done. But this isn't the first time this has happened and I've tried to end it for good. Because every time I try I end up texting her a day or two later apologizing for whatever it is I said and sort of starting over.. And lately I've been fighting the urge to do so again.

      But I'm doing better because I'm starting to really like this other girl, a senior in my spanish class, who I'mnot sure if shes into me or not but she talks to me kind of alot in class and always brings me her fries like food from the restaurant across the street at lunch and just today I asked for her number and she gave it to me and this other girl who sees me talking to her seems to think sh might like me but idk.. but yeah thats a major distraction rom going back to my ex and helps alot.

      But then today i found out that my ex was telling people lies and stuff about me and I got extra heated and sent her several angry texts because she also told this on dude I was saying stuff about him and I dont even know the guy and that almost resulted in a fight so I told her to stay out of my life.. yet I find myself in the end caring about her. shes so hard to read too I cant tell if this is just some big manipulation for her and this is what she wanted to happen or if shes hurting as much as I am which is often the case with her.. i can never tell because whenever we even fought WHILE we were together she would surround herelf with other guys and just blot out my existnce which is I guess good in this case but idk..

      But anyway I cant seem to take my mind off two things: How I still love my ex and whatnot and wonder if she still cares about me/hates me, is messin with other guys, and similar things.. and the other thing I cant get my mind off of is this new girl, wondering if she likes me, and wondering if I have a chance with her or if I should even bother.. But there is a third thing I guess, something that is recently overwhelming my thoughts lately. I just find myself so lonely, and like it feels like I have no friends when I do (just not many, or very good ones) and how I dont really have a life. I go to school. Then come home and do nothing but think about stuff like this and it makes me miserable and I dont know what to do with that and as melodramatic as it sounds I'm starting to have suicidal thoughts again. Just does anyone have any opinions on this? Think I have a chance with this new girl? What should I do to move on from my ex? What can I do to make myself feel slightly less worthless? or just want to talk? anything is greatly appreciated.
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    • Re: anything opinions at all would be greatly appreciated.

      Let me said that you have broken up with this girl (lets call her girl A) several times but yet you keep saying sorry and getting back with her. But this time insead of texting her sorry (something that should be done in person but thats just my opinion, maybe im old fashioned... anyway) you are talking to the new girl (lets call her girl B). So speaking from experience it is never a good idea to get back together with someone (girl A) who you have already had a relationship with, UNLESS and I cant stress that enough, you have had plenty of time to distance yourself from the previous relationship. So I would say stay away from girl A and everytime you have the urge to text her text girl B and see what is up.

      Now on to your second problem, you are not sure if girl B likes you or not (am i right?). Well look at her when you are talking does she generally lean towards you or does she stay farther away from you? Does she try and touch your arm or some non perverse part of your body while you are talking? Does she sit facing towards you or does she just turn her head when you guys talk? Does she smile everytime she sees you? If you answered yes to two (2) or more of these than chances are that she likes you...but you should just ask her to the movies or something and hope she says yes.

      Which brings me to your third/ fourth problem (s). If she says yes then bam you have a social life and the more you go out with her the more you will go out with other people, which will make you happier and less depressed (suicidal is how you put it) thus solving problem #4.

      Hope that helps sorry for the long post though.
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    • Re: anything opinions at all would be greatly appreciated.

      i think this new girl does like you. generally if a girl doesnt like a guy she wouldnt give him her number or talk to him a lot. keep talking to her and getting to know her. never think that you dont have a chance. have confidence that it could turn into something.

      how to move on from your ex? well, its gonna take time. its not going to happen over night. however you are on the right track. stay strong and resist the urge to text or call her. shes being immature by spreading rumors about you. just ignore it, and dont send angry text messages to her. maybe thats what she wants, to know that she still has an affect on you. ya know what i mean? sorry if thats confusing. just ignore it and dont get wrapped up in the drama, it will help you move on.

      you could join a club at school, or a sport. maybe get into a hobby or just go out with your friends more. you may not have really close friends, but if you spend more time with them you can get closer to them. ask this new girl out maybe? dont dwell on the things that arent going good, remember that it wont be like this forever and look forward to the good things.
      hope this helped :)

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