sex with my brother

    • sex with my brother

      This is a long story, but I'll try to shorten it to keep from boring you. When my brother was 16 he was dating a girl I'll call "Ellen". He wanted to look at my pussy to see where everything was and how it worked so when he got Ellen naked he would know what to do. I didn't know all that at the time, he told me that years later. Anyway, I was 9 at the time. He told me one day he wanted to take a look at my pussy to make sure everything was developing right, he said he was planning on going to medical school and needed a patient to practice on. I believed him for some reason, I guess because I was so young. Anyway, I got naked and laid down on the bed. He pulled my legs apart and used a flashlight and tongue depressor to make it seem "medical". He looked and went "ooh" and "ahh". He put a finger inside and asked how it felt. He did a lot of things, that to a 9 year old seemed like a medical exam. He told me he would have to check again in another month.

      A month later we were doing it again. This time he said something like "Since I'm not really a doctor yet I might have to start looking at this once a week, just for practice". So here I was, 9 years old, and getting naked and laying on the bed with my legs spread wide open for my older brother. We would do this every Friday or Saturday, (depending on when our parents were out). He would poke and prod me with his "medical" instruments. About the second or third time of the weekly "check-up"he asked if I had ever seen a girl with hair down there. I said "No", he told be to stay right there. He came back with a magazine with naked girls in it. I never knew magazines like that existed. I saw all kinds of girls, some with big boobs, some with small, some with hair and some with-out. I looked at the pictures and asked if my pussy looked like theirs. He said "Yes". I was thrilled.

      During our weekly exams, he would do different things and ask if it hurt or felt good. He was putting his finger inside me and playing with my clit. He later would put a small dildo and then a vibrator inside of me. After about six months of this he said he was going to try something new. He got down on his knees and LICKED my pussy. Oh My God, that felt incredible!! I couldn't believe anything could feel that good. I was hooked, I think this was the first time I had ever had an orgasm. It was shortly after that when he asked if I wanted to look at his dick. I was like, "Look at your , what?". He said, "You know, see my thing". I honestly thought (at that time) that he had the same thing I had, a pussy. He pulled his pants down, I was face to face with his dick, the first time I knew there was a difference between boys and girls, at least down there. I knew girls had boobs and guys didn't. But I didn't know then that guys had a dick and girls had a pussy. He asked if I wanted to touch it, and of course I did. It was soft and hanging there, when I touched it it jumped a bit. I think I laughed. I touched it and rub it and it started to grow and get hard, it was sticking straight up. He asked if I wanted to suck on it, to kiss it and lick it. I did that and then he put it in my mouth. He started to move it in and out faster and faster. Finally, he started to moan and grunt, I didn't know then what was going on. Of course he was cumming, he shot a load of cum in my mouth, another first for me.

      This went on for a few months, finally, as I was getting close to my 10th birthday, my brother and I had sex. I think he had just turned 17 and I was almost 10. As it turns out, ( I learned yesrs later) he never did have sex with his girlfriend Ellen. So when he and I had sex, it was the first time for both of us. We continued having sex once a week for a few years. He moved out when he was 19. we did manage to get together for sex from time to time. When I was 14 and he was 21 our parents were killed in a car wreck. It was a really bad time for us. After much arguing and fighting amoung family, (aunts, uncles and grand parents) it was agreed that I would move in and live with my brother. he was about ready to graduate from UVA with a degree in engineering and ended up getting a good job making good money. I graduated high school in June of '07 and am now 19. My brother is 26. We still live together in his house. And believe it or not, a lot of our neighbors think we are husband and wife. We don't tell them differently. And why should we, we live as husband and wife. We sleep together and shower together. We are, for all intents and purposes, husband and wife. We ARE in love. I've had sex with him and only him. He's had sex with only me. I'm on birth control, so there will be no children, so no need for anyone to comment on that aspect. We love each other and don't think there is a problem with what we are doing. We know that the law thinks it's wrong but we don't. That's the end of my story, there is more but it's already too long.
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      Well that was interesting. Even though i strongly disagree with that, i must point that that you and him shall never attempt to have a child together. You have the same blood and DNA.

      Didn't you feel used, raped by your older brother? I mean...he sexually abused you when you were 9 and he was just a teen..,If you plan on staying together for a long time how are you gonna annouce that to your family??

      Seeing this on another angle, I am quite surprised and shocked that you actually got into his game and seem to have no problem continuing it...Seems very fake and fantasmatic imo....

      Just my opinion.

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      I'm surprised that Mr.C is surprised. I know he's new and 17 and just joined today. He has a lot to learn. And he says he has standards. LOL. And to Exilis, I did state that I'm on birth control, we don't plan on children. Also, there is no family to speak of, our parents were killed a few years ago, no brothers or sisters. Just aunts, uncles and grand parents. They just think its great that my brother has taken me into his home.
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      nobody. wrote:

      is this true?

      Probably and hopefully not. Doing what his brother did can be judged by trials as pedophilia....Its hard to believe anyone would actually do that to her sister unless hes a goddamn uncouncious freak. Its also harder to believe the sister would never tell anyone about it. Normally a 10 years old sister would tell her parents something like "brother and i played doctor" and such and they would act. And thinking she actually was pleased by that and decided to continue this sex game with him even though now she is old enough to realise what his brother did to her is just beyond anything possibly enviseageable. This looks much more like a big fantasy rather than a true story, seriously...
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      grahamgardner4life wrote:

      oi you fucking dickhead, do u want some down syndrome babies by fucking your brother? we don't need any more. Stop fucking around with your brother, and kick him in the dick for raping you. he sounds like a dickhead to me, so you should get him to go fuck ellen or watever there fuckin name is.

      ok u dumb shit.

      THAT was intelligent! :lol:
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      mr. c stfu, dont be mad cause i was actually givin you advice on how to get a girl.
      thats ok while im with my GF at homecoming, you'll probly be at home jackin off to some pics. stop cryin, i was givin u advice, and you acting all defensive...

      as to this subject, she is a grown women, so theirs nothin we can do bout that. was she tricked... yes, and abused. but is she is now old enough to make her own decisions then thats up to her
      F.i.L.A Forever.I.Love.Atlanta