Paracetamol Overdose!?

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    uh, paracetmol? you'd need a minimum of around 30 pills, but it depends on your body type etc. At most I took 16 pills. which only resulted in me crying myself to sleep and waking up completely empty. But i've also ingested a fair share of prescription meds, I like to self medicate, so i keep stuff in a drawer in my room. But I've given up the pain killers because they're too 2006.
    but if you're going to kill yourself paracetamol isn't the right way to go, seeing as you have to take an excessive amount and if you were to survive you'd just wake up needing a liver or kidney transplant. and if you take pain killers on a regular basis you'll end up with ulcers, especially if you mix it with stress.
    either way, paracetamol is the whimp verion of ibuprofen, granted the latter tastes yuckier.
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    I took about 120 Iron tablets which put me in hospital for about 2 weeks. I did it on purpose because i suffered from depression after my mum died nearly a year ago.
    Was told that even 2 more tablets would have killed me due to the strength.

    The way i've fully beaten it is by getting a tattoo from my uncle who is a tattooist! I have a black and red butterfly on my side (not the one in the photo as thats a fake one i was testing (aka pen))
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    15 pills of over the counter aspirine will not kill you. it might very well hurt you.
    It might be plausible if you hadn't eaten for a week or something. but otherwise the junk is too week. but if you wanted to kill yourself and you only have 15 pills, drink excessive amounts on alcohol, should help induce organ failure.
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    Yes, i took around 100 Kapake Tablets (a mixture of Paracetamol & Codine) I did it on purpose after I felt i could take no more.
    They told my mum, that i wasn't going to pull through, and that if i got there any later it would have been almost certain death.

    It was stupid for me to do, im still depressed this very day. but nothing is worth that.
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    i have take'n a paracetamol overdose i took 47 pills + 5 cocodamol with alcohol. i did this to kill myself.

    i was very sick for 48 hours, after this i started to feel alot better but not knowing that once id felt better that i could be heading into liver failur. i was rushed to A&E and was kept in hospital for 2 week's and was having regular blood test's.

    the only reason i am still here today is because the paracetamol did not effect my liver as much as a normal case of a paracetamol overdose would. it actully effected my kidneys and they were heading into failur but my kidneys did not go into failur and i have made a full recovery, for now as i may have problems with my kidneys in the future.

    even though i did try to kill my self this is not the answer i really hope people do not make this mistake like i did because if the paracetamol would have effected my liver it would have been a slow and painfull death over 48 hours.

    my dr told me that once every 10 years this happends that the paracetamol dose not effect the liver so much but it effects the kidney's.

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    Right, about 3 days ago I took a 30ish paracetemol and 5 co-codemol overdose, the next day I felt sick, the day after that and to this day, I have very painfull stomach aches, and my back near my kidneys is aching all the time, now, how long does an overdose take to kill you, and is this pain I'm feeling liver/kidney faliure, or just my organs struggling to cope with the paracetemol. Also, I was drinking quite heavily that night.

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    paracetomol overdose on purpose is the stupidest thing ever. if you want to kill yourself please do not do it this way as it takes anywhere from 5-8 days for you to die. You die a slow and painful death as your organs begin to shut down. The healthcare system now has a drug to counteract it anyway...

    you say you took 30, at what mg per pill?? the average person can take like 9,000 mgs

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    shut up cock, this guy seems genuinely worried and maybe in trouble

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    24 oxys and 15 vicodin and 9 xanax i was in the hospital for a month and a half in a coma and cause of that i have a heart problem that fucked up my life forever i cant do things my friends want to do i cant go on rolercosters hell i cant bearly run a mile without ending up on my knees holding my chest and i was suposed to be going to collage on a football scolarship that went away dont try overdosing it aint worth it