Telling people.

    • Telling people.

      This past Saturday, I was talking to my friend Jay. I thought I could tell him anything, so I told him about this guy I knew. I met him when I went camping, and he help me down and fingered me. He didn't listen when I told him to stop. I though Jay believed me, and he didn't seem mad or disgusted or anything. But a few minutes later he said he had to go and hung up. I called him the next morning, and he didn't answer. I called him that night, and he told me all kinds of mean stuff. I hung up on him and he didn't call me back.

      On Monday, me and my friends were hanging out by the art hall. Jay asked me if I remembered how the guy had fingered me and how I had liked it and would have had sex with him if I could. This other guy, Andrew, (who I like) goes, "Did it hurt?" I started slapping Jay and yelling at him. He just laughed the whole time. In seventh hour, Andrew kept saying that he didn't respect me anymore. I wanted to tell him the truth, but I was scared he wouldn't believe me, so I just ignored him.

      Today, Jay wouldn't shut up about it. My best friend, Kyle, and my other friend Sage were holding me by my legs. Jay goes, "Call TJ. He fingered and she wanted it." And then Sage (who was being nice to me before that) started being mean and saying all kinds of stuff about me. I just found out that Jay was trying to make me hate him on purpose because he hated me and he also told these other, really messy, girls.

      So, I have two questions. Should I confront Jay? And two, should I tell Andrew what really happened? If I should, how exactly would I go about doing it?
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      These "so called friends" are being pretty harsh.

      If you want to confront Jay, confront him but like as above said, do it privately, because then you wont have all his friends round so he wont try and show off. If he's still an idiot its his lost at the end of the day, he isnt really being a good friend.
      And for as all the other people leave them to say what they want at least YOU know what happened.

      You may find that in a couple of days/weeks they will start to get bored teasing you and being harsh, and may go back to normal.
      If not then try and find another set of friends, hopefully more better friends then them.

      Take care,
      Chloe x

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      Yeah, end up bumping into Mr Bear who just found out Goldilox had eaten his porridge and slept in his bed wouldn't end well.

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