making or altering your clothes

    • making or altering your clothes

      my mum and dad cant afford to buy me expensive clothes or named stuff so i get cool but cheaper things as well as lots of secondhand stuff and things my sisters dont want anymore. BUT sometimes these things are not that nice and look a bit old or out of fashion

      i like to make changes to them tho i change the sizes and the fit adjust straps and add things like sequins beads and all sorts of other things to make them look good

      i also fix them when they are torn or damaged and also mend my families clothes and they pay me for it which is cool! i have tried to make a few things mainly tops and a couple of skirts but its hard to do but so m,uch cheaper than buying and i love doing it!

      i know im not exactly a fashion desinger or anything but i still love it and i am happy with the clothes i get given unlike some of my friends who get really expensive stuff that i would love and they just moan that its not better or more expensive!

      does anyone else make their own stuff or like to change the things they have?
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      I wish I was talented enough to make my own stuff. I am not good with a sewing machine or needle and thread so there's no hope there. But that's awesome that you make the best of secondhand clothes.
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      my friends think its funny that i have some stuff secondhand but they also like what i do with it

      i can go out with my pocket money and buy a couple of outfits and be really happy and some of my friends who get loads more than me cant even buy a top with their money cos they insist on it being new and expensive!

      im a bit of a bargain hunter too :D