Who Plays Travian?

    • Who Plays Travian?

      Anyone knows about it? I am playing Travian. It is a browser based game, strategy kinda. But amazing game and very famous. Its been promoted heavily and its huge now.

      I currently play travian.com server 3.

      If you want, you can check it out aswell, Travian - Browser Game - Romans, Gauls & Teutons

      Trust me, when I say its awesome, it definitely is an awesome game. If anyone needs help and stuff regarding the game, please post here. And if anyone here does play travian, then post your population and server your playing :)
    • Re: Who Plays Travian?

      i play it, it is very fun. it is pretty easy if you are not constantly attacked. i play a lot of servers, it is not complicated i know 8 year olds that play and are pretty good, i give it a 9 out of 10, i recommend it.

      i play com1, com2, and com8, i am going on comx soon
      pop. doesn't matter troops matter. if all you have is pop. and no troops someone could easily kill you. heck, even i could kill you if you don't have an army and i am always the worst civilization.