stuck between 2 really good guys... what do i do?

    • stuck between 2 really good guys... what do i do?

      Okay. so my story begins with this boy named Robert.(Robby) So he was this really sweet guy and I liked him for like a whole year last year. And I used to get red whenever he came, loved him when he smiled, (still do) and I just totally loved him. But over the summer, I went to Korea thinking I was going to live there and move there. But then family issues came up and I ended up in Argentina. But over the summer in Korea, Robby started talking to me alot over IM, we had big time differences but we managed to talk like every single day for 3 months except when we were busy. So I totally fell 4 him more and I asked him out when I got to Argentina because I wanted to know and he said no. So I started school here in Argentina, and liked this guy for like a month. His name is Francisco. But at first, the people I trusted told everyone in the grade. And he flirted with me but I soon found out he doesn't like anyone but thinks one of my friends is a "9.50" out of 1 to 10, 10 being the best. So I kind of got hurt after that and focused on no one and just flirting with people. But then, like 2 weeks after words, I go to this party from like 9pm to 1am where you dance but no1 rlly does, they r talking or busy making out. So I kinda wasnt used to that but I said what the hell, and then later, I ended up kissing this guy that half frenched me and is in 8th grade. And I kinda liked it.. But then everyone at school not the grade but the school knows.. and I got confused. So I asked Francisco what should I do? Cauz i wanted to know what he would say, and he said, don't go to anymore parties and dont go near the boy that kissed u! and im like. oh... ok. sure. and then bigger, i hear from my bff from USA that Robby liked me! on the first week of school he told her that he rlly likes me but whats the point of liking a girl I can't even see? and she's not sure if he likes me anymore... and as for the boy i kissed, i think he understands there is nothing "special" between us and backed off. But then Francisco likes me now I think, I had this thing to make him rlly jealous and now he's flirting with me saying im nice, telling my friends that he gives me a 9 out of the point system... So what should I do? Robby, 8th grader, or Francisco? any advice here please tell me! I'm confused and every day I'm not sure what to do.:confused:
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      First thing you need to do is calm down and ask yourself how you feel about these guys. Do you want to be with any of them? Is one of them special to you? (More than the other(s))
      Don't think about your chances with them for now just try to figure out how you feel.
      If you want to be with one of them more than the other just go for him. It wouldn't be a good relationship anyway if you went for the other one.

      Hope you figure it out ^^

      P.S. My advice should be seen in the context that I have no relationship experience.
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      Think about which one you like more. Robby turned you down because of the distance, maybe he isn't interested in long distance relationships. They require a lot of work and effort from both people. If he isn't interested, then there isn't much you can do.

      The point system, in my opinion, seems shallow. If you like Francisco and are interested then make a move. If you say there is nothing special between you and the 8th grader then it seems like it was just a one time thing.

      What it all boils down to is finding out which you like the most. The one you enjoy spending time with and makes you happy. Maybe you even need to get to know francisco more. Think about who you like the most.
      hope this helped :)

      Support Leader,

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      Whatever you do, DO NOT lead any of them on AT ALL. And for their sake, i hope that you Genuinely DO like one of them, and don't just like them because they like you.

      Why are you asking US to choose? It's your decision.
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      You still seem pretty young too, so you have to be careful with love at this age, because it can still change over the years.

      Being the person I am, I would just wait it out before actually deciding, until your old enough to understand what it would mean to date someone and eventually get married.
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      Well forget about Robby cause he's too far away and a long distant relationship is hard. He also said no before , so leave him out of this. The 8th grader already backed off so you can't go for him , so the best would be Franciso then. Maybe he liked a girl that was a bit of a challenge and now finally after you made him jealous he realized that you're the girl. The fact that he also gives you 9 out of 10 is a good sign. Just remember looks aren't everything and I don't know if he based his 9/10 thing on just looks or personality. Guys shouldn't like you cause you're hot. They should like you cause of your personality. Hope that helped x0x0
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      first of all, i would never go out with somebody that rated me and let me know how much he/her gave me as a compliment.
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    • Well thanks everyone who posted for me.. I read all of them. And I don't like Francisco because he rated me, I liked him for a month before he even rated me. And the thing is I never liked anyone based on looks... never did it's just both Robby and Francisco like jokes or teases me but it's just for fun when I can laugh with them not be insulted and have them laugh at me. :rolleyes: So now I think in my mind I have Francisco and I think he is jealous... so I might make a move... but should I wait for him or should I go first?
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      uhh yes i want to grab him and kiss him and make the first move... but i dont know if he likes me! so.. what if he like gets a restriction to me after wards? and im rlly confused now cauz it was his bday yesterday and well he tked to me on video IM for more then 5 hours... tking and stuff. and he asked me out.. and i was like ....... ..... ..... r u serious? and he said and i quote "no. !!" so am i supposed to take that as a rejection, a joke, or did he rlly ask me out and then make it a joke cauz i didnt answer??
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      Well, in Middle school, i experienced something called Infatuation, this is when you start liking someone a ot in a short amount of time, and a short amount of time you stop liking them, its very common among 13 year olds, but don't sweat it, if you want to get the experience in relationships then i say have at it.
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      Oh. thanks... i tried not to like anyone but it's just hard. Like, I'd just be single and flirt with other boys and have fun, and Francisco think I'm making him jealous and goes more with teasing me, and flriting, etc.. so yeah. I'm trying not to sweat it if u know what I mean but.. life is hard. lol:angeldevil: