does a guy's personal space have anything to do with how he feels towards you?

    • does a guy's personal space have anything to do with how he feels towards you?

      about a month ago, on a school trip, at night time, i sneaked over to my guy friend's room with my best friend. it was all guys in that room. i met this guy (let's call him K). the first thing he asked me was "do you speak chinese too?" and i was like "ya". at that time i didn't really know him, i had just seen him around school before and thought he was kinda cute. it was about 3 AM, and we decided to turn off all the lights and just leave the TV on. we all sat around the couch.

      i went over to sit with my guy friend, who was sitting beside K. there was a space between them so i sat between them. i was sharing a huge blanket with my friend and K was just sitting in the corner and looked kinda cold, so i asked him "are you cold?" and he's like "yeah ^-^" so then i gave him some of my blanket. he got up to go to the washroom, then one of my other guy friends came over to sit beside me. then my best friend came over and then this other dude came over and sat on that couch so it got really squishy so i went over to the other couch. we kept on shifting from one couch to another until FINALLY at around 4 am-ish, we all settled down to one couch. i was sitting beside my guy friend and K.

      we stayed up almost the whole morning (till like 5 am) talking and joking around with all my other friends. one of my friends even dared me to kiss him on the cheek = =" but i kept on saying no and they're like you're making a big deal out of it just kiss ur hand then touch his cheek = =" sigh. i did it anyway and i was like "do you mind?" and he's like "i don't care". cus i didn't want him to think i was flirty or anything. he was really cute, because one of my friends was showing him pictures of "girls" on his cell phone and he was like "wow they're all so pretty" and i guessed some of the pictures were of "revealing girls" and i was curious so i kinda looked over but didn't see anything, and he's like "look the other way =)"

      well it got really late and we were all really tired, and we decided to finally sleep. he laid down on the armrest and there was like no room for me to sleep because my friend was sitting beside me and i basically didn't have any room to lie down. so i just sat on K's legs and he didn't seem to mind.

      hm. i mean if you weren't comfortable with someone, would you let them lie down on your legs or something? i dunno maybe im thinking too much.. but whenever he sees me at school he would always smile at me ... and i find it really cute. but i haven't really talked to him much since that trip. i guess i'm gonna try saying hi to him next time.
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      In my opinion, if someone makes you uncomfortable then they wouldn't want to be around that person. I think you should talk to him and see what it leads to. He could have just been being friendly, but who knows. The only way to know is to talk to him and see how he acts. Maybe once you get talking again, ask him to hangout? You never know until you try.
      good luck :)

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      I think it actually depends on the personality of the guy. Most guys I know though aren't that open to others being in their personal space. My boyfriend is one of them. He doesn't like it when someone he doesn't like or doesn't know touches him. Even if he does know you, he prefers no physical contact.

      So, unless if K is a flirty type, he might at least have an interest in you.

      Random: I find it so odd to be reading even the letter K, because my boyfriend has a friend named Kei so everytime I read 'K' ... I think of him ... and how he stole my fries D<

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      He doesn't dislike you that's for sure, but whether he likes you or not is still unknown.
      Like the captain said some guys think it's a big deal others are like "whatever". The really tricky part is that he might not think it's a big deal with most girls but still think it is if he likes the particular girl.
      Yes we guys can be selfcontradicting as well.