Lucy and Eileen

    • Lucy and Eileen

      I am posting again I cannot find the original post: Lucy's mother and father was having a party for their grandson. Lucy and Eileen
      (Lucys cousin) were talking and Eileen said to Lucy "You are a size 8, right", and
      Lucy said "Yes." And then Eileen said "I thought you were a size 8 and the only
      reason why I am asking is because I am cleaning out my closet and I couldn't
      remember if you said you are a size 8 or 10." Lucy was upset at the question so Lucy told her friends the next day what Eileen said but all of Lucy’s friends told Lucy that Lucy’s cousin Eileen never thought Lucy is a higher than a size 8, all that Lucy’scousin was doing was confirming Lucy is a size 8. Do you agree with Lucys friends that (1) Eileen does not think Lucy is higher than a size 8; (2) and all Eileen was doing was just confirming that Lucy is a size 8. KEEP IN MIND A MONTH LATER LUCY, LUCYS MOTHER, EILEEN AND EILEENS MOTHER WERE TALKING AND EILEEN SAID LUCY IS SMALLER IN CLOTHES THEM MY MOM. EILEENS MOM TAKES A SIZE 10.
    • Only Eileen can tell you what she was thinking and what her intentions were. As far as dress size goes, it depends on the manufacturer what dress size we take.

      What does it matter what size we are anyway?
      I think we put too much importance on how much we weigh and what we look like.

      Shouldn't we be focusing on other more important issues, like how we treat others, whether someone is trying to be mean to others.
      If someone is trying to say we're fat, the real issue is that someone is trying to be hurtful to us.
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