acne problem...

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      i tried every single shelf product going and in the end got anti biotics off my doctor. isnt completely clear but the best move ive ever made :)
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      If you have tried lots of over the counter remedies then I would suggest you see your GP. They will be able to prescribe you with anti-biotics and the chances are high that they will significantly reduce your acne.
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      Tomski wrote:

      If you have tried lots of over the counter remedies then I would suggest you see your GP. They will be able to prescribe you with anti-biotics and the chances are high that they will significantly reduce your acne.

      I've tryed anti biotics twice, tryed GP prescribtion 3 times, NOTHINGG works :confused:
      can it have something to do with my diet?? and how can i get rid of blackheads?
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      Hi JayJay,

      I wrote a new thread on this very issue of yours. It will help you find a real solution to clear your acne without all the products using chemicals.

      Here's what I posted:

      Most popular brands contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which is an antibacterial and bleaching agent. Benzoyl Peroxide in topical products can be irritating to the skin and can be annoying because it can bleache hair, clothing, and towels when using products that contain this ingredient. Some cleanser and repairing lotion both contain Benzoyl Peroxide. The first thing I learned is to use products that do not contain Benzoyl Peroxide.

      Also, some brands contain an ingredient called Polyethlene, which is a physical abrasive. The problem with physical abrasive or exfoliates, is they can lead to increased irritation and redness with those who have acne. The best thing is to find a product that uses Salicylic Acid in their Cleanser, Toner, and Day and Night Treatment. Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliate which helps remove and break up dead skin cells, penetrating the pore to eliminate the blemishes. Because salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliate, it decreases the risk or irritation when compared to the physical abrasive used in most products.

      I look forward to see how good you look.
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      How often do you clean your pillow cases? If you don't clean them often they will contribute a fair bit to your acne, you lay there all night rubbing grease, dirt and bacteria from your face all over it then sleep on it again the next night and the night after that and so on and so forth.

      Sleep on each side of the pillow case a MAXIMUM of 2 times (only sleeping once on each side would be ideal) before cleaning the pillow case and I guarantee your acne will be significantly reduced.
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      The PRODUCT I use is Clearisil Ultra, which didn't make it clear up in three days like it's supposed to, but it was gone in about 2 weeks. I use the face wipe pads and the vanishing cream thingy.

      You said you've tried a lot of products though, so I would recommend aloe vera. You can find it at any Wal-Mart. Make sure to get it unscented/natural/etc... You could even squeeze it out of an aloe vera PLANT (we have them all over the house, but I'm guessing that's not too common). It worked wonders on me, better than Clearisil. The only problem is that it makes your face sticky after awhile and you have to wash it AFTERWARDS, not beforehand. (Don't go to sleep with it on or you'll wake up with your face stuck to the pillow, trust me.)
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      Well, you may find it risky, but I use anabolic-androgenic steriods like Testosterone Enanthate and Dianabol, which can cause severe acne. I've been lucky enough to avoid it but some are not so lucky. Some bodybuilders use a product called Accutane, it's legal, but you will have to go to your doctor and ask if he can prescribe it for your acne. It's very powerful stuff in getting rid of acne, but it can cause depression, liver problems and dry skin in some people. So not all doctors will give it you.
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      I used to have terrible problems with acne.. but now, i have clear skin. I'll tell you how i achieved it...

      -I invested in a 'face steamer' it basically opens up and clears out your pores. also helps to dry up spots.. if you put some tea tree oil into the water (steam) then it also helps more.
      -I went to the doctor and they gave me cream. Bezol something. It really helps to go to your doctor and get prescribed something
      -I went on the pill. THAT HELPED A ZILLION TIMES! 'cos it stops your period irritating your skin.
      -I began to take better care of my skin. I made sure to take of all my makeup before going to bed, and whenever I was just going to be sitting around the house. and everytime i took my make up off, I would put on my spot cream. and then at bedtime, i would wash my face and then put on moisturizer and toner.

      My skin cleared up in 2 weeks..
      Really, if you cannot get your hands on the pill. it's okay, you can still use these things to help get rid of acne, but, there might be a chance it'll come back again when your due your next period..