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  • Hot Teacher

    Well today we have finals and I thought if I got done early Id bring my laptop until we were able to leave. Well thats what I did. Right now Im in class.

    Well Im in one of my teachers classes and its the hot one that I like.

    About last month she was helping this other student and she was like bent over his shoulder and I walked in back of her to check out her ass and what I saw amazed me. I saw her green thong. To tell you the truth it got me very erect.

    Also I sit in the front when we have regular class and she's always bending over her desk to get stuff or bending down to put stuff in cabinets and she has a nice rack, I'd say B cup or C Cup and I get nice down views of her tities. Too bad she wears a bra or I'd be seeing friggen nipples lol.

    I've seen her upskirt too, she was sitting on her desk and since I sit right in front I got some nice leg cleavage and everytime she uncrossed and crossed her legs I got a nice view of her underwear or sometimes she'd be wearing a thong.

    Right now shes wearing this white shirt thats kinda seethrough so I can kinda see her bra. Man I am rock hard right now, I wish I could start jerking off in class. The best I can do is just feel it making sure no ones looking.

    Anybody else see anything of there teachers? Underwear? Down shirt? Upskirt? Care to share please :)
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    I like one of my biology teachers but he was married but i got him to give me a hug. My bio teacher also wears really thin shirts so you can see his nipples through them. That was as far as it went but he has no problem talking to me about sex (but not with me) as in sexual reproduction in mammals but he wont talk to the other girls in the class about it. So maybe he likes me back. Not sure but i dont fancy him any more well i dont think so.

    Thats my story.
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    One of the teachers at our school was actually dating one of the students, and i think he did some stuff as well with some of the students because there was a letter sent out to get girls to report if anything went on. The guy left before he could be fired.

    But, i don't think i've ever had a crush on a teacher, apart from about yr7, when i thought my ICT was hot, but that soon went.
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    My old art teacher was considered hot. She was really pretty, but I'm straight so I could never find her hot. But she was so annoying any guy that found her sexy took it back, the woman was so high maitnence, kicked me out of the damn class.

    But there was a teacher that i never had who was a sexy piece of ass, he was hot!

    Oh, and congrats on all the peeks of your teacher you got, you are the envy of many, im sure.
    Yes I do! (no I dont)