• im 17 years old, and ready to get out of this house. my family isnt
      a family at all. i live in what some say as a "broken home" but to me
      its just normal. my mom lost her job and now makes half the money
      she used to. which has cuased alot of static in the house. i have no
      source of income as my mom can barely manage to pay the bills
      and feed us at the same time. i know she's trying but it just doesnt
      seem like enough for me. i may be being to selfish, but idk. i've applied
      for over 20 jobs within the past year and NO luck. the only way i ever
      get money is unfortunately by selling drugs and just tryin to come out
      on top. im not the kind to throw my problems out to everyone but this
      just seems like the only option at this point. im a junior in high school
      with bad grades and i've always had bad grades. college isnt looking
      to bright right now, i mean i'd definetily go if i had the opprutunity. i was
      thinking about joining the marines when i finish up high school, seeing as
      they pay for college and you'll be getting that pay check in 4 years. i just need some advice on what to do or how to get my life started. i dont want my kids to grow up the same way i did and i want them to have so much more and more opprotunites... can anyone help, it would be great :( plzzz
    • selling drugs? you're on your way to prison. marines? bull shit, as soon as you fail the drug test you'll realize that the marines aren't for you. and that doesn't pay for college, only 20k.
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    • Stop selling drugs because if you get caught it's going to be even harder to get a job since you'll have a record.Take adavantage of your education because your going to need it when you leave home.Ask you school if they know anything about the marines or any programs thats you can join to learn more about them.The school can help you get connections so that when you graduate you'll be set.You have a year left of high school get those grades up!Go to tutoring and really work your ass off.If you can't get into a university go to a community college or something.You still have options;don't give up.Keep filling out applications for jobs too because eventually someone will call you. =]
      -Good Luck!