The Dance Floor

    • The Dance Floor

      This was written by Joshua Ward. He hopes you like it :)
      Music: Elise Estrada - Poison
      Enjoy :heart:



      You can't explain
      Just can't. It's impossible
      So I'm drawn to you - Am I too impossible
      Smile, only cause I can
      Only cause it's the only way to get on
      With all these endless days
      There's no end to the beat in my heart
      Simplify me, any way you like
      I'm a little crazy for you
      Smile again - Take two steps back
      This heart of mine, won't stop until you do
      I'll dance for the stars, but I'll watch only you
      You're captivating, hazardous, and impossible
      But it all goes away on the dance floor
      Smile again - Reveal to me your everything
      And just breathe..

      Enjoy this moment.

      Delightfully wicked with a heart painted on silver glass...