Love does not hurt (so much..)

    • Love does not hurt (so much..)

      Written for anyone who has ever loved

      Love does not hurt

      Promise me forever.. That's what this means, right?

      Written by: Joshua Ward
      Date: April 5, 2009
      Time: 8:53 AM
      I hope you like it



      You say I'm hot and sexy.. Please
      Get off my back, I'm catching some sleep
      Where I dream of silly things, uneven cracks
      Knicks in your blade, remember when you told me to die?
      Firstly I was shocked, broken and bitter
      Spending countless hours, figuring out what would be better
      I heave a sigh, a broken record, in piececs, aren't I that already?

      Sure you said you loved me, I was your everything
      You should really cut the bullshit, marry me, then let's have some fun
      Naturally, it could be hot, it could be cold
      I'd be freezing, and reach for your shoulder
      You're too out of reach for me..

      So what would you prefer I do?
      Just asking, nothing to hurt. Lightly faded cheeks
      A shade of pink, am I appetizing to you?
      Have you tasted wine before? No, it's not an attempt to get you drunk
      Just a romantic evening, with pretty things and flowers

      Love does not hurt

      So an ancient one said
      If it does hurt, it's not love
      Needless to say, everyone gets hurt sometimes
      Go ahead and cry, if you need to
      I'll embrace you as you let your emotions run with the tears

      Life's a hectic roller-coaster
      Still, I'm here for you either way
      I'll cry with you. It'll be easier that way.
      What silly fools we are in love.
      You're my missing piece. Fights are perhaps inevitable
      Don't run from it. The wedding ring's not going anywhere

      And we'll make up, have a nice candle-light dinner
      I'll kiss you like I did on our first date
      If you run, then I'll run with you
      If you fall, I'll be there to catch you

      Maybe this what love is like?

      What do you think?

      Delightfully wicked with a heart painted on silver glass...