thing I wrote a long time ago

    • thing I wrote a long time ago

      I just dug up a bunch of old stuff that I wrote when I was younger. Kind of interesting looking back on some of it.

      I dont know if I would call it a poem. Probably closer to a song. But whatever.

      I wrote this when I was in a period of my life that I was really depressed and everything was just horrible and couldnt find any meaning to anything. :P

      Through the day I walk
      Each step is planted firmly in hopes of confidence.
      The direction is never questioned.
      The rhetoric lost my answers
      Cause once had meaning.
      And is now willing to be a lost battle.
      Resorted to finger pointing at the enemy.
      The system, the government.
      Seamless to misery
      And now I see.

      Through the night I walk.
      Each step retraced of the day's course.
      Questioning yourself in search of purpose,
      Of answers, of questions
      Did you want a change of heart?
      Seem to make a point.
      We just can't seem to realize
      We preach to ourselves, and only make arrests
      When the only thing that matters, is the tabloid
      And now I see.

      Jeez I was a dark little s.o.b! :P Ive changed quite a bit. :)

      Not 100% sure what point I was trying to make with this.

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