A question for all the girls, please help!

    • A question for all the girls, please help!

      I am an amateur photographer, all of my work is nature; landscapes, flowers, animals ETC, but recently I really want to move into model/fashion shots. A few questions for you girls (and guys if your interested)
      1) Would it matter to you if your photographer was 6' tall 180lbs of stereotypical male 'beauty' OR what if he was "fluffy"!?
      2) Would it be very awkward or would you find it "cute" or "nice" if a guy asked to photograph you, for photographs sake, not just because your "smokin hot".....
      3) (this tends to vary more from girl to girl) would YOU rather 'control' the shoot or have him 'control' it, or would mutual work better?!

      I am sure I will have more to post, and part of it is just working with people, I just would hate to do something and get a bad record before I have really started!!!
      many thanks in advanced.
      Mods, this may be slightly off topic, but I couldn't think where else to post this, move it if it should be elsewhere :)
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    • 1) It shouldn't matter what the photographer looks like. It's how he treats the model that matters.

      2) It depends on how you ask the "model". I would advertise rather than, for example, just walking up to someone and asking them to model for you.

      3) Mutually working together is usually the best option. Doing what the photographer wants while at the same time feeling comfortable with it.

      I would recommend to all models: take someone with you when you go to a photo shoot (and have them stay with you at all times!), to make sure the photographer doesn't take advantage of you, molest you, etc.
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