Top 10 best and worst Lost Characters *spoilers*

    • Top 10 best and worst Lost Characters *spoilers*


      10. Kate

      Kate is probably one of the most annoying characters in the whole show. Every time someone asks her to do something, she disrespects them by doing the complete opposite. Her centric episodes and her flashbacks aren't very interesting at all but at lest she serves a purpose in the whole love triangle with Jack and Sawyer. Otherwise she would just be annoying and useless.

      9. Claire

      Claire is an alright character but other then giving birth to Aaron she really does nothing of importance. He centric episodes are decent at best but in all honesty, I don't really think she fits in too well with the Science Fiction genre. This is probably one of the main reasons they left her out in season 5 because it was the season that Lost really used to prove they were going down the sci-fi route. Claire was alright in the first season which focused more on the drama aspect of the show.

      8. Charlotte

      Carlotte literally does nothing of importance. She has a gross relationship with Faraday and then proves nothing but unconviniunce for the other characters. I don't really know what else to say about her as she does next to nothing the seasons she's in.

      7. Sun

      Sun is a bitch. She screws up here relationship with Jin time after time after time and doesn't seem to learn from any of it. She lost her wedding ring, slept with another man, hid the fact that she could speak English and yet kept making mistake after mistake. Yeah Jin was a jerk at the beginning of the series but Sun did bad things out of spite which annoyed me.

      6. Paulo

      LOL. There was really no point in bringing this guy in other then the fact that his episode had some good comedy in it. What puzzles me is why they considered him part of the main cast when his episode count was 7 and many of them he barley made an appearance in. Rose and Bernard and part of the main cast and they've done more and have even had their own episode. Oh well, at least Nikki and Paulo had a cool death and a funny episods.

      5. Nikki

      See Paulo. At least Nikki was pretty hot though.

      4. Karl

      Another character the series could have gone on with out. I showed no interest at all in his character and he didn't do much before getting killed off. He worked okay with Sawyer but in all honesty, the show could have gone on without his character even existing.

      3. Mikhail

      This guy was an idiot. Sure he proved to be a somewhat important character by translating Naomi and killing Charlie but really... he didn't deserve to have either of those honors. I really don't like how he was the one that killed Charlie. If Ben or even Locke killed him it would have ended up with better relations and conflicts in the end with some of the other characters. Also he died right after the murder lol.

      2. Shannon

      Urgh. Shannon was annoying as hell. She brought out the worst of Sayid and really just got herself and others into trouble more then she was useful. For the better part of the first season she just sat on the beach and did nothing and the writers made this very apparent lol. I'm glad they killed her off pretty soon though.

      1. Michael

      Michael was a decent character for the first season. He wasn't great but he wasn't that bad. Though, in the second season it was hard to not laugh at him. Half of his lines were something like THEY TOOK MY SON! RIGHT OUT OF MY ARMS! or WAAAAAAAALLLLT! WAAAAAALLLLLT! He turned into an unententional joke character which is not a good thing at all. His centric episodes were all very similar besides the one he had in season 4 which was okay only because it answered a lot of questions. Thank GOD he got killed off. If I heard him obsess over Walt one more time I would have actually considered shooting myself.
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      10. Boone

      Boone was a cool guy. He had an awesome character and did a great job as Locke's apprentice. I think he might have started to become hated but he was killed off at exactly the right time. When he died I was both disappointed because he was such a great character but at the same time I was happy they didn't turn him into some annoying useless character like they seem to do a lot.

      9. Jin

      Probably one of the most well developed characters in the whole show. When he was first introduced he was an angry Korean bastard that couldn't speak English. Throughout the series he gradually learns English and finds it in his heart to forgive his wife for some stupid things she's done. He probably went from being the most hated character to being one of the most loved by his peers. The writers really did an excellent job with Jin.

      8. Charlie

      I'm a huge Dominic Monaghan but even I'll admit Charlie was one of the most annoying characters in the second season. He was pretty good in the first but the third season is where he shines the most. He was pretty much hated by most fans and critics when the season started off but a story with Desmond changed all that. Charlie was supposed to die and really didn't accept it. Towards the end of the season he grew and developed perfectly into knowing he was gonna die and willing to do it. "Greatest Hits" might be the most heart warming episode in the whole series which was surprising as in his last centric episode from season two was a peace of shit. He stole Aaron to get him baptized, lolwut. Anyways, I went from wishing Charlie was off the show to wanting him back because his last moments were excellent.

      7. Mr. Eko

      One word to describe Eko would be "cool". He was a really smart and interesting character and really got killed off too early. His centric episodes and flashbacks were really interesting as is his character in general. I feel like we could have known more about him or he could have had some great scenes with Locke and Ben but he died too soon. There was just nothing wrong with him.

      6. Sawyer

      If you watch the first episode of season 1, then the last of season 5 you'll notice he's a completely different person. Normally I'd think a development in someones personality like that would be rushed or wouldn't feel natural but with Sawyer everything just felt smooth. With Sawyer, you either love him or you hate him and I love him.

      5. Jack

      A lot of people don't like Jack and I understand why but you really couldn't have Lost without him. Yeah he whores a lot of episodes but he's the main character so that's what he should do. In season five he didn't even do anything with that much importance for the most of the season. In the season finale he was awesome if anything. I think he's a great character and there's much more to him then we actually know...

      4. Hurley

      After I saw the first episode, I thought Hurley would be in the show for the sole purpose of comic relief. Turns out he has good characteristics and is one of the most interesting characters on the show. His scenes with Miles and Sawyer are comic gold too. Most would probably consider him the main face of Lost which is for a pretty good reason.

      3. Locke

      John Locke has the best centric episodes and flashbacks the show has to offer. I loved him in the first season. He was interesting in the second season has he actually considered going with science over fate which is what he swore against in the first. In the rest of the seasons his character was going downhill but he was still awesome. Terry O'Quin does a superb job of playing him and just really contributed to the series.

      2. Desmond

      The way they brought him into the series as a guest star from season 2 was executed perfectly. They made you feel bad for him despite barley knowing who he is. He became a regular in season 3 for obvious reasons and did a great job in that too. He had the best episode in the 4th season and despite hardly appearing in the 5th, his episode was great. Desy is my personal favourite character and is defiantly one of the more interesting ones.

      1. Ben

      Ben was first brought into the series as a hostage of Locke, Sayid and Jack during season 2. His success and popularity in the series is arguably because of the performance of Michael Emerson. I really wasn't expecting him to make it past the second season but Emerson just did such a great job portraying him I would have been pissed seeing him get killed. One of the best scenes from the fifth season was when the smoke monster judged Ben and showed him flashbacks of his daughter dying. Despite all the bad things Ben has done, you still feel bad for him. He lies a lot and you can never trust him but not being able to tell if he's telling the truth or not makes his character all the more interesting. Really really great character and that's an understatement.

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      Mostly agree except for Boone.

      Boone was a bitch. Come on now. He wanted to fuck his sister, for one.

      "I had to steal the water! Someone had to take charge!" ARG!

      And he always picked fights with Sawyer, who was seriously better than him in everyway, and more physically capable.

      Oh yeah. "I r lyfegard! I can halp!" He is the reason that random chick drowned early first season. Jack had to stop to save his sorry ass because he sucks at life. And then HE gets pissed off at Jack!

      How in the hell can you like him?
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      DamnImGood wrote:

      Michael was definitely my most hated character. I NEED TO GET MAH BOY! IT'S MAH RIGHT! :rolleyes: Every time he came on screen I wanted to kill him. Walt, too. Fucking hate that kid. The dog was cool, though.

      Walt wasn't all that bad because he was barley in the show after season 1. The only thing I don't understand is why they implied that he had special powers so much only to kill him off the main cast... maybe it will be explained in the final season though.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      Charlie was my second hated character. He was just so useless and didn't do anything. To me he always seemed like a male version of Shannon. Just useless. Glad they're both gone.

      Charlie was pretty useless in the second season, I agree. His centric episode was probably the worst one and that's saying something considering all the episodes Michael was in lol. But they built up his death so well and turned him into a respectable character who I didn't want to see go.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      I also hated Ana-Lucia with a passion. Actually, even more than Charlie and Shannon combined, but not quite as much as Michael probably due to the simple fact that he had approximately three times the amount of screen time. Anyway, the main source of my hatred is probably because I hate Michelle Rodriguez with a passion, too, and every single one of her dumbass characters she plays in every movie. Resident Evil, Fast and the Furious, Blue Crush, S.W.A.T. and now Lost. She's so typecast. Always playing the butch chick.

      lol I agree that Rodriguez could really use a fresh role but Ana-Lucia was meh. I probably would have started hating her if they didn't kill her off but I think she died at the right time. She interfered with the love triangle between Sawyer, Kate and Jack before Juliet came along so it provided some interest for me.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      I also really disliked Sawyer for the majority of his presence, but as the show went on he began to develop relationships with other characters that really made him shine. If they can keep those relationships going than I think I can still like him. Otherwise I want him to die.

      Sawyer was sort of annoying in the first season only because he was so stupid. He was the main character in the 5th season though and got more screen time then Jack I think. He actually cared about characters other then him and Kate and thought things out before jumping around like an idiot. Great acting too.

      The other characters I either liked, were neutral, or weren't in it enough to hate. Now, onto the characters I like:

      DamnImGood wrote:

      Number one (get it?) is obviously Hurley. The most likable, friendly and funny guy. And it's not just stupid comedic relief like garbage that you see in films like Transformers. He actually makes you laugh at legitimate stuff. He's just a cool guy that's not on anybody's side and just wants everyone to get along. Love his back story, too. I felt really bad for him when Libby was killed. She was alright herself.

      I'm confused in why they killed Libby. Rumors say that the actor that plays her and Michelle Rodriguez got arrested for drug trafficking or something which is why they got killed off simutaniously. I wanted to know more about her and why she was in the mental institution with Hurley at the end of that one episode. Hurley is a great character though.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      Locke is number two. He was really cool for the first few seasons, but his philosophy began to change towards season four and five (from what I remember), and will sacrifice anyone to see to the end. Him being bent on faith rather than science or logic kinda irks me, but he's always managed to keep the show interesting. I really liked his interactions with Ben. They seemed to make a good duo.

      I think Terry O'Quin and Michael Emerson have fantastic chemistry together. They're segments together are some of the best in the series in my opinion. I started to dislike Locke a lot in the end of season 5 until I found out... it wasn't really Locke lol. I also like the scenes he has with Jack arguing about the whole Destiny/Fate vs Science thing.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      Ben is a cool character. He was originally only supposed to be in the show for three episodes, but the producers like his performance so much they made him a main character, and it's a good thing because now he's one of the main driving forces of the show. He always seems to have a trick up his sleeve or a twist that sends everything to the wayside. Interesting back story, too.

      Honestly, I think seasons 3, 4 and 5 would suck without Ben. Maybe not suck but defiantly not be as good. He's probably one of my favourite Villains of all time.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      I really like Alex mainly because she's so fucking hot. Every time she came on screen I came on the screen, too.

      Lol her face looked weird and she's like 16. Jailbait for you bud. Kate is sexy... and Canadian :drool:

      DamnImGood wrote:

      I'm surprised you didn't mention Juliet, Richard, Rousseau, Miles or Frank (he was cool).

      Juliet was awesome. I have a huge crush on her and all but her episodes weren't that great because her flashbacks were pretty boring. That's the reason she didn't make the list.

      Richard was really cool in the last half of season 5 but there's too much about him I need to find out.

      I didn't like Rousseau because she gave me nightmares.

      Miles was cool but most of his lines up to his centric episode could have been said by Sawyer, Jack or Juliet. I am curious about his powers though.

      I hated Frank until after the second plane crash. His chest hair and the way he talks now are badass but he really hasn't done that much important stuff.

      DamnImGood wrote:

      Makes me want to rewatch the series. I just might do that in preparation for season 6. I'll have to see. Any word when the premiere is?

      Season 6 is coming out late January 2010. Gives you a couple months to rewatch the series.