My Mooooooooooooooooom!!!!:@

    • My Mooooooooooooooooom!!!!:@

      m not just mad m pissed off m SUPER ANGRY m UUUUUUUGHHHH!!!!!!:mad:
      here's d thing, 2day z my cousin's wedding, and me and my other cousin don't wanna go, so each 1 of us decided to stay home, so we thought we'd meet up and do something 2gether, so I told her dat I'll come to her house..BUT my mom decided not to let me go! I mean wut does she want from me?! I can't go out with my freinds I can't go out alone, NOW I can't go out with my cousin?!:eek:
      and here's why: at first she told me not to go, but after that, my dad convinced her to let me go, but then she comes into my room and tells me: u r not going to ur cousin's and that's it, wut I say is gonna happen and I won't let u "break my word"((dunno of that's eng, but it means doing something she told me not to!)) and she told me not to tell my dad!...and m just pissed off!!
      she neva lets me do anything I want! but she doesn't seem to have a prob with the frndz she picks for me, she's only comfortable letting go out with ppl waaaaay smarter than me so she could compare me to them, and insult me in front of ppl telling them that I don't study and I don't do anything good like this girl or that girl! I dunno wut to do!m always at home and she doesn't want me to use the computer or the tv or eat! she wants me to be this perfect girl which I'm obviously not: m addicted to the internet, and IF I'm allowed to go out I don't go out unless wut I watch daily on tv finishes, and m 77 kilos!
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      :(..u can't imagine how many times I tried to talk to her!
      she never listens! She hates everybody, at least that's wut she says!
      I worry about her, bcuz she's a smoker and she's always sick n she never goesw to the doctor, n I feel like she's blaming us for that! she always says that she has no time for that cuz she has to take care of us and that pisses me off!
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      ok time for some serious rebelling. when she tells u not to go out u go o your room sneak out ur window. then when u come back sneak back in throught the front door if possible or again through the window. if she cathes u shes gonna punish u, but it sounds like she cant take anything away from u becaus eu cant do anything anyway. then u do it again, and again, until she sits u down to talk and then u say u wont let me do anything so im going to do it anyway until u give me some freedom. the worst she can do is beat u, and then that isnt that bad either.

      u can do the above or just squeal to your dad. lol
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      Look, you've only got one mom. Make her happy.

      Don't fight back, don't argue, and see where that gets you. I did the rebelion thing when I was a kid and it got me into deeper shit than I thought it would. Just say, "Ok, I understand." It shows you have respect, and will listen. Next time I can pretty much gurantee she'll chill.
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      i understand what its like her not listening to you, my dad's been messing me up inside and when i finaly want nuclear it was in tescos and i ended up hitting him cause he just wouldnt listen (all cause of what he had done whilst he was married to my mum).

      what you need to do i think is try to get your mum to listen to you so that she knows how you feel dont let her stop you, make sure she hears you out but dont do it in a hostile way cause that will probably make it worse for you
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